March 10, 2019

Hey People.....February 2019

by Michael Lloyd Young (author's profile)


February 2019

Hey people,
No sooner it seems than I take the time to write in support of this guy, Jussie Smollett, we find out there's bullshit in the game. I was sincere in my support, and I'm sincere now as I withdraw that support. I'm unsure about what happened. And I know that because he is a celebrity, people will sometimes lie about him, plot and scheme to destroy, defame, and humiliate him just because that's what haters do. But if this guy lied about the whole thing, he will have to learn that what he did is much bigger than just his role on Empire.

I wrote the following about eight days ago.


February 20
Hey, I'm not gonna spend too much time on this. That's because I know that Jussie Smollette doesn't deserve my attention. Except! I need to apologize to any and everyone who read my blog in support of his selfish, trifilin' ass! And I need to point out that my sentiment that people who attack the public should use their name and thereby their fame should apply to "this guy" himself.

Obviously, although the case has taken a turn toward what looks like its end, as of this writing, "this guy" has not had his day in court. He has been taken into custody and released on bail. He has hired top shelf attorney March Geraeos to represent him. And he is sticking to his version of events. There is still a possibility he is telling the truth, as improbable as that seems. Who knows? Maybe he will be vindicated.

But I find it increasingly hard to care now. I was all gungho at first when I perceived an injustice done to an individual of integrity and vision. But no one likes to be manipulated, conned, and lied to, i.e. made a fool of. Once I've been duped, I have to recover my sense of purpose. One can't become hardened, unfeeling or desensitized. Get my attenas back out there to search for the next just cause to get behind.

But I refuse to consciously, purposely waste my time on someone who has shown such casual disregard for the history pertaining to hate crimes against black folks and gay folks, a careless lack of concern for all the time, energy, and finances that go into trying to solve a crime. This is the kind of thing that will ultimately help those of the mind to actually commit this kind of hate crime. If not only because it makes people more willing to turn a blind eye simply for fear of being fooled again.

This is a disgraceful slap in the face to the Black Lives Matter movement, the LGBT community, the legacy of every man, woman, and child who ever did actually have a noose put around their necks, Matthew Shepard's legacy. He was a young man beaten to death and left tied to a pole just for being a gay man.

Again, I wasn't there. I don't know what really happened. I do know that if it turns out he set the whole thing up, I stop saying his name permanently!


Hey. Now I'm a week or so behind. A lot has happened. The Oscars happened. This was a great production and didn't even have a host. This was a very balanced and well-rounded inclusive Oscar celebration. Spike Lee got best director, and he did shine in his purple suit, purple hat and glasses, wearing a Prince medallion. By the way, Mr. Spike Lee doesn't say the president's name.

Ms. Regina King had one coming for a while. It was good to see her get the gold.

Spring around the corner.

Stay woke,
Zawadi Diamony


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