March 22, 2019

Monday Night Bible Study-Amen

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Monday Night Bible Study. Amen.

BLOG Letter of Thanx 2 God Nov 20th, 2017

God thank u 4 turnin me from darkness 2 ur marvelous magnificient Light. Thank u 4 callin me 2 teach ur Holy Word -n- showin me -n- allowin me 2 experience it's truth. Especially those of Isaiah 29:24. I went from erring in spirit 2 learnin doctrine. Thank u 4 teachin me. Thank u 4 comfortin me - my whole life, even when I didn't acknowledge u as Lord-n-Saviour. Thank u 4 helpin me with my inferier-God-given self. Lord knows I had some "send barren" in me. Thank u 4 encourage'n me as a writer -n- as a storyteller. Thank u 4 the opportunity 2 learn the craft through poetry night, -n- the creative writin workshops at RGCI. Thank u 4 Sue Ann -n- the College Guild. Truly she's been a blessing. I admire her thoughtfulness -n- value her as a woman -n- a teacher. I pray 2 meet her 1 day - possibly at a book signin. Ur will be done! Thank u 4 the blog -n- the doors u opened 4 me 2 FREELY put the gospel out their so as to feed 5,000 figuratively speakin. Thank u 4 entrustin me with a writing ministry - just like u did with those u used 2 pen the Holy Bible. Thanks 4 all Paul's writins from prison I draw inspiration from them Amen. Thanx 4 blessin me with several publishers -n- givin me the insight that by writin, u r able 2 use me 2 hand people a tangible piece of ur love, which helps it come alive, sorta like when Jesus became flesh -n- blood.

God thank u 4 callin me 2 prison ministry. Thank u 4 the 20 yrs I've served already. Wanted 2 do less but in ur [heart] u showed me I wasn't ready 2 go home -n- needed 2 b here in the interest of my individual sanctification. Thank u 4 showin me how many times 20 yrs is in the Bible -n- it's significance. Amen. That bein REDEMPTION. Thanks 4 2nd Chronicles 8:1 Amen. It's the end of 20 yrs bless me w/ the strength -n- courage 2 build ur house -n- mines. Amen. God show me how that I might not lean on my own understandin Amen. Thank u that I'm schooled in the ways of the world -n- NOW in the Heavenly ways. Amen. Thanks 4 givin me the divine wisdom needed 2 reach others -n- tell them of ur divine grace -n- mercy as well as ur love -n- 4giveness. I praise u 4 usin me 2 do prison ministry 2 the spiritually imprisoned while I'm still in prison, physically imprisoned. I praise u 4 that insight.

Thank u 4 the 11 month defer, endorsement into THC -n- SODA N - even a transfer 2 minimum custody. Thank u I can petition u 2 reduce the defer 2 6 months. Thanx 4 teachin me what exactly I should pray 4 in accordance w/ Romans 8:26. Thanx I didn't get my parole papers back now I have no choice but 2 "WALK BY FAITH, not sight" smile. I pray a hedge of protection over my early PRC, my transfer, -n- a defer reduction of 6 months. Amen. Thank u I thank u 4 being the God of ur word. 4 ALWAYS keepin ur promises. :) 4 bringin the 20 yrs in prison prophecy 2 pass. Thank u that my time in prison is drawin 2 a close - a MIRACULOUS one. Lord knows Satan planned 4 me 2 die here. Thank u 4 a 55 yr sentence modafication/time out. Thank u 4 prepare'n me 2 b a prison chaplain. (May I not disappoint...) Thanks 4 the knowledge that I CAN'T FAIL AT THAT WHICH U CALL'D N EQUIPPED ME 2 DO. So b it.

Thanks 4 introduce'n me 2 Godly women like Liz, Heather, Lisa, Megan, Debra, Ilze, Debbie, Laurie, Shirley, Sue, Connie, Debra, Joy, Joyce, Wynn, Vivian. Thank u 4 dreams of meetin a woman by the name of Lauren. I pray 4 insight into what role she plays in my life story. Amen.

Speakin of my life story thank u that I can surrender the "pen" 2 u. Lord knows Satan was pen'n my life 2 b a nightmare. Yikes. God thanks u that w/ u as the author -n- finisher of my faith my life -n- times WILL end well: very well. So b it.

Thank u 4 makin me artistic. Not only can I design clothes, but I can draw fairly well as well as crochet -n- cross stitch. Thank u 4 the plethora of colors u've blessed us 2 see, feel, touch, taste, experience. Thank u that certain colors uplift us. Everybody [heart]'s a rainbow. Thank u 4 bein the best colorer. Thank u 4 openin a door 4 me 2 sell my designs at a fraction of what they worth, so as 2 support ministry(s) - as well as myself.

Thank u 4 the finances 2 b about ur business. 4 all the pens, pencils, paper, ink, ribbons, whyte out, correction tape, carbon paper, etc. 4 all the cookies -n- zoo-zoo's -n- wham whams 2 make b-day cakes. 4 all the words of the highest encourgement 2 give 2 others. Thank u 4 all the kids destined 2 get these necklaces 4 Xmas. Amen. Help me finish just in time Amen.

Thank u 4 the single cell - my [heart] can breathe again. I'm LESS stressed. Less worry'd, less angry, less lost, less polluted by the filthy osmosis of this gated community. Thank u I get all the Christian radio stations NOW. :) Thanks 4 walkin laps w/ me -n- listenin 2 me talk ur ear off (though that's not possible) smile. Thank u 4 buildin me up 2 b an overcomer -n- more than a conquereror. Thank u 4 worship music. Thank u 4 the hop I have in u -n- u alone.

Thank u I can catch Darrel Jeremiah on Sun mornings at 6am, now that I gotta digital TV. Knew it would be a blessing.

Thank u that LaDonna 4gave me 4 stealin from her -n- grandma -n- says I can stay w/ her upon my release. Amen. Bless her heart, home, -n- house, -n- just herself. Pray u'll reveal her life purpose 2 her so she'll have the extra spunk -n- zest 2 live life 2 a fuller fullest.

Thank u 4 trustin me 2 b a spiritual father. I pray Jazminicole was highly blessed by the lovin words u had me pen on ur most lovin -n- gracious behalf. Amen. God I pray she'll accept u as her Heavenly Father -n- allow u 2 help her w/ herself.

Along those lines I praise u 4 givin me such a special -n- beautiful daughter. She truly is a gift. Thank u 4 usin her 2 help me with myself -n- my heart. She inspires me 2 b better -n- 2 do better. Thank u 4 what ur doin behind the scenes 2 restore -n- rebuild our relationship - one that got lost in the sauce cause of my servin Satan (sorry) BUT I serve u now (Amen) so 2 lay claim 2 ur promise that like David I WILL RECOVER ALL (1 Samuel 30:1-8). I pray 2 see Priska 2 hold her, kiss her, love her, look at her, listen 2 her, hug her, hold her hand, look into her eyes, smile w/ her -n- 4 her tell her "I AM WE -n- I LOVE U".

Thank u 4 the miraculous way u introduced me 2 Vivian. Thank u 4 move'n her 2 respond 2 my plea 4 her 2 help my daughter. Didn't expect a rely. Thank u. She officially my spiritual mother so b it. Thank u 4 her outgoin personality -n- encourgement, n support my [heart] needed that. Thanx 4 answerin my prayers 4 a spiritual family/support system in ur most beautiful times -n- appointed seasons.

Thank u 4 not leave'n me nor 4sake'n me. 4 not givin up on me. :) Thank u 4 believe'n in me. Thank u Jesus 4 introducen ur loving self 2 me on that hot sticky July day in 03. Amen [heart, squiggle]



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