June 7, 2019

Dear Reader.....5-30-19

by Douglas Blaine Matthews (author's profile)



Dear Reader,
Hey, I hope you're doing well.

The next screwed up situation I was in was as follows...

I picked up an associate of mine and we took care of some errands. We were on the highway. He began venting about his frustration with a situation he was in.

He pulled out a gun and was waving it around like he wanted to shoot something.

I asked him if he was dumb or aching to get locked up for possession of a firearm because he's waving it around in plain view. And then I jumped down his throat for bringing a gun in my car. I'm a convicted felon! I can't even be around a firearm! So, I railed on him.

He got mad at me and pointed the gun in my face, saying, "What? You afraid it's gon' spit at you?!"

That's a huge no no!

I just watched him pull the slide back a couple minutes prior and chamber a bullet. I tapped the brakes, hard, to throw him off balance and grabbed the gun, twisting it out of his hand. In my possession, I dropped the clip out and emptied the chamber. Cocked my arm back across my chest. He sat back, ready to block because he thought I was going to pistol whip him with it. Instead, I sent it hurdling out his window.

This guy has the nerve to complain that I tossed it. :/ Really?

He made some nasty comments, and I told him if he has a problem with it I can pull over and we can step to side and fade it out! (Fight)

He then pulls out a knife! Yup! That's what he did. What is it with guys pulling out knives on me?

Anyway, we fight. I managed to hit the steering wheel with my kne and it angled to the shoulder as I slammed the brakes. My foot came off and his hit the gas pedal. I've got him in a headlock, holding his wrist that has the knife. The car lurches several times before we finally spin to a stop.

I turn in to the car, pushing him down into the seat. I notice blood on his face and chest. I tell him he's cut open, bad, and if he wants to live, he better let go of the knife or he's going to bleed out right here. He let go of it and I grabbed it.

I then let him up, and he jumped out of the car. He's holding his throat and running into the woods.

So, I drove back home, cleaned out my car, and disposed of the gun clip and bullets.

A few weeks late, I get pulled over while with some different associates. My name was ran for warrants, and it came back I had one. Assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill (!).


Yeaaah, I wasn't shocked because I knew what it was. But intent to kill was a bit much. If I wanted to kill him, let's face it, he'd be dead. He was the aggressor!

But I had to focus. I'm in a jam and have to think quick!

I'm pulled out of the car. Three police car behind us, lined up. I comply with every order and the officers let their guards down. When the officer lets go of one of my wrists to grab his cuffs, I spun out of the car, wrenching my other wrist free and struck out!

It's around 11:00 PM, and I'm jumping yard fences, running through housing developments, beating a dog off my leg. Ha! Ha! I'm trapped, zig-zagging between homes, and some cops are right on my tail. I'm exhausted when I jump over a metal link yard fence. The links aren't bent over on the top, so the sharp points are sticking straight up. My jeans get caught on the fence at the ankles, and my hands fall down on the sharp ends, impaling them there on the fence.

At the moment, a cop hits me on the top of my head with his his night stick (the retracting one with the ball on the end). I faded for a moment and fell the rest of the way over the fence, ripping my hands off the spikes. I ran for about five more minutes before the world became dark from blood loss.

I was arrested. When I was taken to the hospital, I told the nurse about the blow to the head. The cop who struck me said I was lying. The nurse sided with him.

I got an MRI in 2015 and guess what? I have a healed hematoma in that exact spot. Go figure.

Well, I sat in jail for several months under an extremely high bond and then, out of the blue, charges are dropped. I think he confessed to an undercover informant on what really happened. He was being investigated for selling ecstasy.

Next blog post is on the more normal side. My first "vacation only" to Florida.

Until next time!

Yours truly,


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