June 9, 2019

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still standing saturday
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Date: 5/25/2019 6:19:35 AM
Subject: reply ID ruri

mrs. julia
how goes it?
having a good day myself, 4 the most part. made 1 outward choice that i could've done without... also made an internal choice I also could've done without...
still all is well confessing my shortcoming 2 god helps immensely, so 2 does determining 2 do better next time. so be it.
can't believe i been up the whole 5:50 AM and it's going on 7 PM American time. :) normally i would've been took a nap or 2 or... 3! workin on a new schedule. got 2 much goin on 2 sleep my life away. always heard "sleep is the cousin 2 death"

well jesus got me full on abundant life. time 2 live it. gulp of fresh air... gulp
been workin on finishin my bachelors... n doing one thing atta time. lord knows i can be a workaholic

in getting outta prison news
the governor hired a parole chairman by the name of john tate the 2nd oddly enough he's an alderman from my hometown. says he believes people who have done decades in prison should be given a chance 2 prove they have been rehabilitated and then given a 2nd chance. he made the point 2 say, "if we believe the system works
then let's prove it" (by letting people go) 'cause 2 say programming and rehabilitation works then not release rehabilitated people is a contradiction

times up. good day.


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