July 1, 2019

Unspoken Truth is the Key

From Real Talk Always by Anthony P. Heard Jr.



The prison system is designed to lock away our connection with the much needed present of women and uses of maneuvers of threats to make sure she stays away. Add that with these fake and talkative ass dudes around me, it makes the system easy to follow and believe. Do understand that I'm confined physically to this system and retain my right to connect with whomever I so choose to. My loyal and straightforward characteristics allows for women to feel comfortable around me, and that's a quality very few have.

The systems teaches that all inmates are manipulators who're only out to gain access to some form of contraband. To be honest, it's equally true to say that the prisoner is being manipulated as well. Yes, some do seek the quick payout of contraband, and that's only because they've come to understand any bond built is short-lived.

Furthermore, those women seek connections from the inmates is looking for someone who has to listen to them and their struggles because you women understand we, in a sense, have no choice. Along with that you seek those words of encouragement and self-empowerment that guys who are free ain't giving you. Because their focus is to use you for sex and then abuse you, and leave you in the end to deal with your low self-esteem.

Put that aside, and focus on each individual to be able to see who is real and who is fake. I seek to make love to your mind and learn who you are as a woman. I truly want to know what makes you smile and what makes you cry. I want to understand your strength, and how you overcome your life struggles.

So, it's true to say innocent communication can bring two unlikely people together, no matter what situation they may find themselves in, and come to learn they're one and the same.

In life, you find so many people who've lost out on true connection because of fear of being rejected. Or being afraid to take that leap and allow someone the chance to make you happy. Why should we have to lock ourselves away from others and be afraid to build bonds that may be lifelong? I've lost too many people in the past year whom I never had the chance to speak to, and I'm no longer holding back.

You've been through something in your life no one should ever endure: being physically abused by the person you trusted your entire being to. Yet you're still standing strong, which means you're a fighter. Your daily strength to get up and provide for yourself—that's what keeps me wanting to know you better. You didn't allow your struggle to define who you are, so you hide no longer.


Written June 10, 2019
(Real talk always)



Stripped from power as the backbone behind your outer and inner beauty. You were dethroned and forced into a prison of hate, shame, guilty, and daily regret. Becoming a punching bag and sex slave to him whenever he felt less of a man. The dethroning of a queen beating her entire being made her rebirth a sight for all to see.


For so long, you have your entire self to a guy, hoping for a lifetime of love and happiness. What started out okay quickly turned out to be a false fantasy, and his beginning of dethroning the beautiful queen. He destroyed your outer beauty with every blow, leaving your inner beauty damaged, lost, and confused. You once held so much strength, and now you're powerless in this world, forced to be a slave to his mental prison of PAIN AND SUFFERING.

Understand that dethroning a queen takes a lot of work. He released upon your royal foundation (your body) a massive assault, targeting your entire being. He belittled you daily until his words played like a song in your head, and the hatred he forced upon you became your own hatred to yourself. "You're ugly, stupid, worthless, and no one will love you but me" are the words that stole your self worth.

The physical dethroning of the queen was used to control you and forced you to obey his commands. The punching and slapping was the way for him to strip your beauty, and make you believe you were ugly to stop you from leaving him. Because he needed you to believe if you tried to leave him, no one would want you. And he will beat you for trying to escape his prison.

Self-worth, Inner power, Strength, Courage

These four personas are a must for the queen to rise again and dethrone her oppressor. To lock him in his own prison, forcing him to be a slave to his mind.

You have to believe that you're worthy and deserve to be treated like the queen you are. Then you must find the strength to regain your inner power and inner beauty. Your courage to fight and survive is who you are, as long as you believe in you.

You have to replace the hatred forced upon you daily with words of empowerment and encouragement. The most important tool you have to use is loving yourself. You have to love the good and bad so that you can grow, and change the things you want to change for yourself. Cherish yourself, and your worth allowing your power to remain you. Get up and get out, so that you can live your life. Staying confined and locking others out is only allowing him to win and keep your imprisoned in his mental prison.


Written June 11, 2019
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Cavak Posted 10 months, 3 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 10 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing the truth about some toxic relationships that are out there! Usually, people who need this sort of advice receive it in the wake of many regrets. Some may not even live past their bad relationships, and that's tragic.

Marvelous job preaching the worthiness of self-care. I want to add that there are some men who are victims of toxic women. Would you write the same sort of advice for them in mind too?

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