July 6, 2019

Dear Reader.....6/30/19

by Douglas Blaine Matthews (author's profile)



Dear Reader,
Hey. I hope you are doing well!

Today I would like to convey my opinion on the political system in the USA right now.

Trump! Woooow! Now he is something right out of a political thriller novel. The US is heading into a war, possibly multiple wars—Iran, Russia, North Korea—and he still has some support.

I don't think people understand what will happen to our economy if we go to war. War costs tons of money. The rise in our economy, what little good he's done there, will be undone and get worse. That should be a foregone conclusion that everyone understands. So, financially, war will hurt us tremendously. Historically, anytime we went to war, we took a tremendous economical hit.

The other consequences of war, the one it seems Trump cares nothing about—the soldiers' lives. That is the most painful cost of war.

People enlist. Why? Honor, integrity, pride. When those men and women go to war, they fight so others can have freedom, liberty, and life! How do they think or feel being thrown into a war because of someone's narcissism, racism, prejudice, stubbornness, and bigotry? Do they think their service and sacrifice are being undervalued? I don't know. But I'm sure some do.

When they go to war, it should be because someone else is the tyrant. Not our own president.

After a soldier dies, their family and friends grieve and mourn. The pain of that loss will linger till all those who cared about them have passed on themselves.

Every decision our president, any leader, makes should always consider the consequences to those they represent.

Now, on American soil. Since he took office, the violence against women by men has risen. Drastically! Racism and prejudice have gone unchecked. Not only are we facing war abroad, but we are facing war right here at home. He stands for chaos, prejudice, hate, and corrupted power.

If he manipulates his way into a second term, I'm afraid of where this country will end up. The manipulation tactics are the same that I've seen in the streets my whole life. Talk louder than your opponent, talk with more emotion than your opponent, and repeat yourself more than your opponent. The majority of society will subconsciously fall for this tactic. They already did. Many have realized this and have distanced themselves from him.

But he still has a base. His base, his strongest supporters, are those who gain financially by his actions. They have been seduced by the entertainment aspect of his presidency. Or support the racism and prejudice aimed towards black people and women that he encourages. And there are still a few that are simply too naive to understand what he's truly about.

His supporters should be embarrassed. By supporting him, they openly admit they are either a racist, value women less than men, are so greedy they're willing to make money off of others' pain, or are naive. But nativity is so few, most won't believe that to be the case.

We need someone in office who'll restore humanity and sensibility back into our country. Or we can give up on things like comfort, joy, and peace. Because he's literally tearing us apart from the inside out.

Until next time.

Yours truly,


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