July 27, 2019

Dear Reader.....7/18/19

by Douglas Blaine Matthews (author's profile)



Dear Reader,

Hey. I hope you are doing well!

Just so you are aware, I'll now only be turning in only one blog post a week. The reason is that... well, there are a few reasons. But it all boils down to time and substance. I have chicken scratch handwriting. Ha! And I have a habit of writing as fast as I think. Or rather, my hand tries to keep up with my mind. As you see, this blog post is much more legible. So, I'll be focused on writing cleaner for you.

Also, in reference to time, I do many other things like working on my case, drawing, corresponding. Just like your day is filled with things you've structured it with, so is mine. So, while I will take more time to write more legibly, I'll take more time with deciding on what to share with you and how to make it more interesting to you. You know the saying, quality instead of quantity.

Socializing isn't something I'm used to. I'm the quite type unless I'm speaking on a topic I'm passionate about or the person I'm speaking with is someone I care about very much. Interest is key. Sharing memories was simple. Those topics of discussion were already formed in my mind, so all I had to do was translate them to words. Now, I'm stepping into a new arena of communication. So, we'll see how I do.

Next week I'll share something with you enough substance to intrigue you... I hope! :D

Until then.

Yours truly,


—So long as faith with freedom reigns,
And loyal hope survives,
And gracious charity remains
To leaven lowly lives;
While there is one untrodden tract
For intellect or will,
And men* are free to think and act,
Life is worth living still.

—Is life worth living
By Alfred Austin [1835-1913]

*Note: I don't know if this is the understanding by society, but with the way things are going out there, I deem it important to say that any time there is a writing speaks of man, it's referring to human. So, men and women. #Equality!


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