July 27, 2019

Love Note

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Love Note

My Dearest Love:
I wait for you. I wait for you always. There is nothing in any place I'm going unless you are there. I have no dreams that you are not in. Anything else would just be a nightmare.

The sun is coming up and the nights are falling upon us earlier. The long days of summer are coming to an end, and we are barely pass the beginning. I long for you on these warm summer nights, knowing that your touch will cool me like the summer's evening breeze.

You are the only thing stopping me from making a full turn onto insane street. Knowing that if I do, I will never again hear your voice whispering in my ear, telling me how much you love me. If I keep going, one day you will meet me around some distant corner. So I will try not to get lost along the way. Something about having someone to share love with that lets me jump out of bed in the morning, smiling, ready to enjoy my day.

You have always been my smile, the sunshine that brightens my life. Not even you know how lucky I am to have you in my heart after all these years.

I wait now, my love. I wait for you. I wait for your kisses. I wait for a glance of you across the room. I wait for you to hold me in your dreams the way I do you in mine.

I'll love you always.
Forever and ever,
Your Steve


Governor Newsome of California has said they won't kill anybody at SQ while he's governor.

Seven years of phantom
ain't no dude
showed yet
in a rainbow
color coat
to show me
where the goodies
are stored
made a slingshot
got busted with it
didn't kill no
giants either

they ain't nailing
no one
to no crosses
no more
they still
want to gas
a few.

Steve Burkett


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tigana Posted 1 year ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year ago   Favorite
My dear love...
I know you’re waiting for me - and I, for you. There IS an end - and then we’ll be together for always. It will be different - but there’ll be no change to our love - after all these years nothing’s going to alter that.
I dream of you - usually at night - but sometimes while I’m wide awake. I turn a corner, expecting to find you there - so funny because we’ve never been here together. I believe you know this place as much as I do - maybe because you know all the nooks and crannies of my heart just as I know yours.
I’m nearly content, secure in our love - knowing my feelings and sure of yours. I live in the memories - they send me to sleep at night - free to walk the streets with you - and see all the people we grew up with.
I’ll always love you - only you - forever. Always and all ways, I am your Jeannie.

Steve J. Burkett Posted 10 months, 3 weeks ago.   Favorite
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Steve J. Burkett Posted 10 months, 3 weeks ago.   Favorite
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Steve J. Burkett Posted 10 months, 3 weeks ago.   Favorite
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Steve J. Burkett Posted 10 months, 1 week ago.   Favorite
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