Oct. 12, 2019

Your Second Chance

From Real Talk Always by Anthony P. Heard Jr.



In order for you to heal, you must first come to terms with your past memories, and dreams so you can release then let go to begin your rebirth of who you are. by: Big Heard


How powerful a few months can be with two people, and how much we've both impacted each other's lives. Never in a million years did I believe you would follow through with ending the pain for good, and yet after reading what you wrote i now fully understand your entire struggle, and how much it has truly controlled your life.

Your words played indulgently inside my head for a few hours as I couldn't believe what I was reading, and as I read my knees got weak thinking about how I almost lost you forever then my eyes began to tear up. Deep inside I felt that I let you down, and gave up on you entirely. For me it felt like I was fighting a battle alone, and I was causing myself sorrow and pain, then I lost hope inside at the thought of you not wanting me.

I realized in many ways i had become like the other men in your life, and exited as if you were nothing but an object. (I'm sorry.) You are much more than worthy of love, you deserve to be worshipped as the queen you are because you're not ugly, fat or a piece of shit to me, and in fact someone does love you, and believes you are good enough for them.

You must understand that your past isn't your future, and that your struggles don't define who you are as a woman, and everything you've been through in life is a part of who you are. You will either allow your sorrow to control you or push you forward in life.

Once you've accepted that your worth as a woman is something only you can control then, and only then will his word no longer be able to control your life, and choices afterwards. You're stronger than you'll ever know, and if you allow yourself to believe just that, how powerful you'll become.

I hope with this second chance at life you throw away your fear, and completely allow me to enter your heart because if you open your eyes wide enough you'll see that standing in front of you is a man who cherishes you, adores you, and wants to love you along with giving you the tool to love yourself.

It will get better once you allow yourself to open up, and release that bottled up pain inside you.

You chose to reach out to me because deep inside you know I care about you, and you care about me. So let's stop playing, and allow me the opportunity to be apart of your struggle, and growth. I truly do want to speak with you personally, and hopefully you give me the chance, and with that chance won't a day go by without you knowing how much you truly mean to me. REAL TALK ALWAYS


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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