Oct. 8, 2019

lyin on liquor

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Date: 9/28/2019 3:39:43 PM
Subject: lyin on liquor

jus last night i found myself watching TMZ, now normally i pass on celebrity gossip shows, but turned 2 it cause 1 of my 3 roommates had his tv on it n i could hear it due 2 the fact he didn't have headphones on. even so...

what caught my attention was an interview with a guy i didn't recognize talkin bout his just gettin outta prison n doin the right thing. said something i believe in—positive thoughts/actions. so i heard kevin gates out

well next was a costume designer racist rant. thought they might show some of his/her designs so i stuck around

well she went on 2 yell bout killin the derogatory term 4 black people n how she would kill n-words if it wasn't against the law 'cause she h8 'em that much. later like is trendin in america she blamed it on "the liquor" in her "apology"

but here's the truth we need 2 know bout alcohol. alcohol can't make u do nothing that's not already in ur heart or subconscious. just the liquor makes u have less power 2 fight the impulses. it's true.

example: person gets drunk n cusses u out then later says "i didn't mean it/i don't feel that way, it was the alcohol talkin" yet promise the person has those hidden feelings about u

some people get drunk as a preordained excuse

read 2nd samuel 11:4 the truth how liquor brings out the heart


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tenzintenzin Posted 1 week, 1 day ago.   Favorite
I'd lived my life in blissful ignorance about TMZ until Kanye West ran his ignorant mouth off live at the studio about 'slavery being a choice'. Then I watched a couple of these shows. The way the programme is formatted to give the, let's face facts here, peddlers of gossip this faux gravitas aspect, as if what they were telling the viewer about Kim K 's arse was important. Utter bollocks is what that show is, it is made to keep America stupid.
The yelling white woman and her 'N' word rant. I'm glad America got to see who she is. There is more damage she can do than just shoot her mouth off. Perhaps she employs people? What if she's the nurse when your in hospital?. Iyanla Vanzant says when someone shows you who they are the first time; believe them! Are you allowed to watch YouTube clips? T.
Ps Make sure your cellie has access to his headphones when that crap is on.
Pls. How does a black kid get a French first name and an Irish surname?

Cavak Posted 3 days, 12 hours ago.   Favorite
Based on my personal experiences with drunk people, you're totally right!

Just for fun, there's many scientific studies floating around that say the same thing as you. I'll share a part of an online article by Kathryn Francis at Inverse magazine which summarizes them for easier reading:

"If someone has done something wrong while under the influence of alcohol, we tend to give them a “get out of jail free card,” rather than hold them accountable for their actions. We also extend these excuses to ourselves.

But in our research, we’ve attempted to paint a clearer picture of how drinking alcohol, empathy, and moral behavior are related. In turns out that while consuming alcohol might affect our empathy, making us respond inappropriately to other people’s emotions and reactions, this doesn’t necessarily change our moral standards, or the principles we use to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

In a recent experiment, we gave participants shots of vodka and then measured their empathy and their moral decisions. We presented images showing various people expressing emotions to our participants. After having a higher dose of vodka, people began to respond inappropriately to these emotional displays, reporting that they felt positively about sad faces and negatively about happy faces. The more intoxicated people were, the more impaired their empathy became —having a few drinks weakened people’s abilities to understand and share the emotions of others.

But did this then have an effect on their morality?

We had people tell us what they thought they would do in moral dilemmas and then also looked at what they actually did in a simulation of a moral dilemma in virtual reality. Consider what you might do in one of these situations:

A runaway trolley is heading down some rail tracks towards five construction workers who can’t hear it approaching. You’re standing on a footbridge in between the approaching trolley and the workers. In front of you, is standing a very large stranger. If you push this stranger onto the tracks below, their large bulk will stop the trolley. This one person will be killed but the five construction workers will be saved. Would you do it?

While alcohol might have impaired the empathy of our participants, it didn’t have an effect on how they judged these moral situations or how they acted in them. If someone chose to push the person off the footbridge in order to save more lives while sober, they did the same thing when drunk. If people refused to sacrifice the person’s life in the same situation because they believed that killing was wrong regardless of the consequences, they also did the same when drunk.

It turns out that while we might believe that alcohol changes our personalities, it doesn’t. You’re still the same person after a drink — your existing sense of morality left intact.

And so you are responsible for your moral and immoral actions, whether you’ve had a few drinks or not."

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