Jan. 13, 2020

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by Christopher Trotter (author's profile)
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Dear Outside World
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Jan 4, 2020

Hello T,

Happy New 2020! Just seen your post, and thank you for your positive words of encouragement and sharing of your wisdom.

I believe in "Atonement" and the asking of forgiveness of others, forgiving others, and forgiving myself plays a big part in my life. The first religious/spiritual book I read in prison was "Lose Thy Man" by Bishop T. D. Jakes, and I've been watching his show for over twenty (20) years now.

I will try reaching out to the C.O.'s family when my mind and heart is totally at peace because I don't want my ego or pride [undecipherable] involved in the words I speak (My resentencing appeal was just denied, so I have to reconcile my mind to accept that set back in a positive manner before I can reach out to anyone). You feel me?

I just don't think it's people of the Christian belief whom just don't adhere to the basic precepts of love and forgiveness. I think we as human beings as a whole have lost our way when it comes to love and being our brother's and sister's keeper. Where has the love and forgiveness gone? Why do we live in a world that is hell bent on revenge instead of love and forgiveness? More important, how do we change it?

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What happen to my dreadlocks? I cut them! i grew my dreadlocks as a symbol to represent my struggle in isolation. Even though my dreadlocks represented my struggle, my real strength to endure the twenty (20) years I served in solitary confinement came from my faith in God, and humanity. so when I was released from solitary confinement into the general prison population, that part of my struggle was over, so I cut off my dreadlocks as a new day began. I've now been in general population since 2011, and I have a job on the grounds crew which is outside work.

Just seen were Iran is vowing revenge for the killing of their military commander. Why not vow for peace not revenge? Have a peace New 2020.

Strong but Human,
Christopher Trotter
P.O. Box 1111 - #862556
Carlisle, IN 47538


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Eva R. Swanson Posted 1 year, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 1 month ago   Favorite
I finished the transcription for your post. Stay strong and keep going. Keep writing! PS. Your handwriting is gorgeous.

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