May 9, 2020

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Date: 5/1/2020 4:27:31 PM
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TttDearest, Julia,
Happy last day of April
So how goes it?
How's the Portuguese coming along?
I wonder, do U think Common Sense is a language?
Should it B taught?
Whose fluent enuff 2 teach it?
Who should B the first pupils?

Well thank y 4 Ur wishes regarding the wish that My day is coming soon! I know U utter from a sincere heart n genuineness. Thank U.
I'm doing OK just dealing with un-relationships! Either way life goes on!!! Gone keep doing my part as the most difficult relationships R those forced on me by the living situation that accompany being under the best of the DOC! Yes Covid 19 has increased the tension in these 4 man rooms. Specially since we in our room more than we ever were b4! But Nuff of that as I attempted 2 articulate in the post U commented on - Prison nuances n my response 2 em r preparing me 2 deal with the difficult n trying times that may introduce themes; he's 2 me in here n upon my inevitable return 2 a world without barbwire genes n gun towers, cells, cells,,... Know if I can survive 23 years locked in a "bathroom" with strangers I can survive being locked in a whole house with loved ones!

As always I appreciate Ur womanly wisdom n Ur sharing it with me. Definitely didn't hear that on TV nor do we get any good newspapers here. On top of that we only allotted 10 minutes in the library! 4 people at a tie! Wow who knew singing n shouting were super spreads?! Need 2 post that on the unit bulletin board! This place full of yelling shouting n people who isn't n rap at the top of they lungs! We got 4 disposable baby blue masks on Sunday but haven't worn my yet! Y? Waiting on them 2 pass out the cloth/washable ones! Don't wanna get caught without one! No cases her but if it makes it here I wanna b masked up! Thought he ones they made r ugly I'm gone spice mines up! Blame the designer in me! IF I was out I most definitely would have a bunch o fashionable does n even hand make some 4 others, just like my Mom doing :)
Meanwhile I don't necessarily miss church all that much. Always been more of a "housemouse" type. Cool reading my bible/praying etc. in my house. Beyond that I'm more comfortable with small bible studies, they more intimate, more trusting, more loving, more etc. Even upon my release that's the plan not 2 go 2 church so much but do in home bible studies n even traveling ones!

Healthwise just focusing on drinking more water - Drs orders! Guess my kidneys not functioning like they spose 2! Find out in 3 weeks if they any better! Still no closure on y I'm cold! Just no form the blood test that its not anemia. Gone ask what else it could b! Heard something bout it could b Renault's [sic?] Syndrome which I guess is related 2 poor blood circulation! Lord knows. Have been working out n trying 2 make sure I do plenty stretching! Now if I could just smile more! Like I used 2 :)

Thanks 2 letting me know U doing fine. Always good 2 know that Ur health in all facets of life is up 2 par. May u stay in good health. 4, me exercising helps. I trust that U also have been staying mentally fit n from time 2 time have curled up besides the fireplace with a good book or 2. I have 2 minus the fireplace. Just finished several books, Tree Full of Angels n The Ragamuffin Gospel. Learned a lot bout myself n my faulty relationship with God. I'm getting better at Relating 2 God n at allowing Him 2 B God n not me, after all I suck at! The main thing I learned was 2 stop always asking God 4 stuff n 2 rest in Him by allowing Him 2 bless me with things He want me 2 have, things n people He want me 2 have in my life, in the reason(s) He want them in my life. 4 example in the last 6 days God brought 3 people back into my life! ONe I haven't heard from since 1998! She's 4given. N I just ask God 2 bless the purpose Y she came in my life in accordance with His will 4 my life.

So have U learned more bout urself n or Ur loved ones due 2 the extra time together?

Good 2 hear that tUr mother country isn't under super lockdown. No one wants 2 b in prison! Wow, so what country go that military running the streets! Ouch! Here they beefing bout who has the power 2 open the states back up? The President of the respective Governors? Hell if I know. Just know Wisconsin spose 2 open back up on May 26. Maybe sooner as lawsuits r being filed n the Supreme Court is getting involved! Wow the news just mentioned states reopening malls, restaurants, parks golf courses but they have 2 operates at 25% capacity Here the reopened pet grooming shops. But of course everybody wants the nail salons n barbershops 2 reopen! Had 2 shave my head with a razor after first chopping it down with some scissors! H8 shaving my head only third time I've done it! Each time was an emergency! H8 when it grows back itches something fierce so gotta keep it baby oiled up! NE way still waiting 2 get the washable masks! Did notice last night that they put some antibacterial soap on canteen. So I'm gone get a couple bottles of that need that even after all this is over! Lord knows its some nonhygenic men here! Ouch! So just more motivation 2 walk-in wisdom n stay prayed up!

My heart stretches the whole that's already present as it collects the tears of those who've lost loved ones 2 Covid 19 n its trickle down effect. Like the tragedy in Milwaukee where the guy ran in the house n killed 5 people :(
N just this morning heard bout a woman shooting her husband in the head while he slept, cause she was tired of him complaining about work or lack of it, regardless she bout 2 spend the rest of her life round women who gone complain constantly. May even get a celly who first, middle, n last name is Complainer! Yikes! Others have also done crime including those released early because of the epidemic. Stupid! Prison never better than "house arrest"/stay at home orders! one guy came back in 45 minutes! issed me off.
Sad as well by the loss of elderly lives
2day a coworker suggested I write my judge n try 2 get released cause of Covid. Primarily cause he wrote his judge regarding the same n was giving a court date 4 next week. But the difference is she from a small town n those judges tend 2 b more lenient than those in big crime riddled cities. Sure he know somebody who know somebody who went 2 school with the judged, maybe his lawyer! That makes a big difference! America runs on money n fame! But because of my faith I did ask god if that was something I should do?

Well I'm not sure if U seen my post about Parole so I'll tell U directly

Went 2 y 5th parople hearing on April 28. It was unique in the fact that it was my first video conference of any kind! Wasn't much 2 talk about cause of Covid. As usual he spoke on the usual then commended me 4 my behavior, program completion, n current employment. Asked me if I had anything 2 say.
Just requested 2 b around love n 4 the chance 2 fix my daughter n spend time getting 2 know her. He didn't directly respond to this.
Just told me he gon recommend that I b around the community, so he gone recommend work release n ut off possibly releasing me 4 another 8 months.
Long story short...
In the meantime I'm waiting 2 get 2 a Work Camp (where U work a job on the streets, say Amazon n just spend the night in prison) Praying 2 go 2 one of the 2 Work Camps that R located in the outskirts of my hometown. Yet if I go further away its no big deal, been without visits 4 so long what difference would a couple a more months make?
Just ready 2 work a real job n make real money. Laying in this bunkbed hurt even though I'm still able 2 go 2 work. $20/month ain't gone cut it though. Ready 2 start saving so I can adequately provide 4 Priska n my Mom n myself. Plus plan 2 use the money 2 start my arts n crafts/fashion boutique form home business, which I can do 4 like $1-2,000 if not less or slightly more. Waiting as well 2 hear from a publisher so I can being 2 plot how 2 go about self-publishing

Well I'm off 2 work!

Quick question ever watch a movie with somebody who talk the whole time! Then wonder what the hell happened!? Interesting!

Well u take the most care of Ur self Mrs Julia.
Someone misses U
Especailly those who've experience Ur lovely presence n door keeping at the movie theatre :)

PS get ur bday card?

Lovely see u layers



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