July 1, 2020

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Update from upstate
(March 31, 2020)


Date: 6/18/2020 3:41:31 PM
Subject: Reply ID:djj7

TrDearest Julia
Likewise its a blessing 2 hear from U as well!
I am currently in possession of ur snail mail n BTB comments I will respond 2 both in this post
withou violating any of ur confidences. Other things will b commented on via snail mail when I
get 2 my next destination! i'm scheduled 2 b on the 1st thing smoking when transfers R back up
n running. Which should b in the next 1-3 weeks! Hope its next week!

We just did official Covid 19 testing today. Well they did half the compound via the National
Guards in face shields masks hats n blue hospital suits n several pair of latex gloves! See they
got lime green ones,gotta get me a box of them! Well any way they gone do the other half of the
facility tomorrow. Its a waiting game after that as the test results will take 3-7 days 2 come back.
Word is IF no one has it who lives here then things will go back 2 some kinda normalcy. But
probably still no basketball! Fine by me don't want 2 rush out there n get hurt n miss my bus!
Any who if a resident hat it then I guess we going back on lockdown 4 14 days but it'll b level 1.
Which means 12 people out a time stead of the25 or so they let out now! Bue either way there
will b cross contamination. But my thing is if we all got tested the same day this guy got it n I
don't y do I have 2 b quarantined? Mind u I been sutck 4 12 weeks around the same people! If I
was gone get it from him I would have it by now wouldn't I ? Less he caught it day of the test,bur
if that's the case n we been around each other even that y am I being punished? Does what
I'm saying make sense?
Just saying if me n u been around each other 4 3 months str8 n u got it I don't now what?


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