July 6, 2020

Just a note

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Date: 6/27/2020 5:27:32 PM
Subject: Just a note

Dear Heavenly father.
Thank U 4 waking me up at 6:28am n giving me just enuff time 2 get freshen up 4 breakfast. wasn't sure if I was going 2 get the French toast n grits or not! guess u would have me there. thank u it was the gooder kind! think they got 3 different versions of this breakfast treat. still wish we got the old fashioned ones concocted from Texas toast! soon enuff! thanks 4 the Orange juice n just helping me make adjustments in advance 4 my constituents who love 2 sit with their tray sideways n all over the place. drives me nuts, can't u tell? Course u can! thank u they got the squirrel out of the chow hall suppose if they leave the door closed he'll stop being able 2 come in there so frequently! thank u Jose told me we could leave if we were ready. lord knows my spirit couldn't take much more of hearing g all the tales of shoot em up bang bang n what some unwise 60yr old gone do 2 terrorize communities upon release. I pray u stop him in his tracks, not that at his age n pace he's even capable of carrying out his braggadocios sentiments. Men at any age seem 2 love 2 boast n brag bout who they R n in some cases who they were! My own heart knows this all 2 well! seems being surrounded by teenagers n those in they 20's -those in the prime of life!-heavily influences one 2 feel "washed up" ! yikes. thank u 4 reminding me not 2 give in 2 the temptation 2 compete n or prove a point. I don't owe them nothing, maybe some Jesus! thanks 4 helping me just put a smile on my face as I encountered a young man who I'm not particularly fond of! seems a whole bunch of em work in the kitchen! thank u 4 blessing them with jobs. help me walk in love towards them, as LOVE is ur strong suit not mine.

Thank U I just accidentally found some nuance on my tablet. not even sure what key I hit or how 2 get back 2 it! do recall it said something bout Language! Text Correction! n something else! god help me find it again! amen. Lord knows I got 2 just sit down n play with this thing! god help me establish a time 4 that!

Thank U Mrs Davis told me there's a letter on the way! I pray u protect my receiving it n the enclosed picture. thank u 4 inspiring g me 2 get on the phone 2 minutes b4 8pm so I could catch her. Thanks 4 our friendship.

thank u 4 giving me the notion 2 pray, "father keep me from this hour of temptation n from the evil 1" amen

god give me the courage 2 asks Mrs Davis if she's up 4 praying with me as I sense u want 2 show her from 1st hand experience who u r n what u can do in her life. how u r near 2 the broken hearted n can resurrect crushed spirits. this just in! feel the need 2 ask her "can I read a vers 2 u that helps me in my times of brokenness?" n go from there. god help me not get ahead of u.

thank u 4 helping me spend wisely. think I got enuff songs on the tablet 4 right now. might buy a sermon or 2. definitely need some words of encouragement every now n then. n the sermons/affirmations like 8-15 minutes long. talk bout getting ur $1.95 worth. at the same time it encourages me that I can read Encouraging Myself in the Lord aloud n put it on electronic devices 4 a reasonable price. not sure how all that works but u will lead me n guide me as I've ascertained this in cahoots with ur will 4 my life.


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