Aug. 5, 2020

Comment Response

by Dymitri Haraszewski (author's profile)



Hi Grace- just know that I really appreciate the transcription and the engaged comments. :) It makes this all so much more meaningful. For me, the Corona situation is a little complicated. I can see, from this comment and your other (which I'll reply to separately), that you seem to prefer to err on the side of a protective caution; that is, protection from sort of concrete, physical harms, like sickness or bodily injury. That's important to most of us, no doubt, but I do worry a bit about some of the less obvious, less visible risks of things too. I'm not so cynical or conspiratorial as to think the virus is a direct, intentional effort to accustom people to extra-intrusive obedience to authority (stay in your house! Wear masks! Keep apart from others! Separate your children from friends and fun!)... I just don't believe there's anyone so powerful nor any group so coordinated and competent as to pull that off - if there were even anyone so sinister, which I also don't believe. But the effect of all this, intended or not... it does kinda seem like people might learn to be especially complacent, obedient, etc. no? That worries me. I just don't think immediate deference to "authority" is a character trait to be encouraged. But I firmly believe that sense of responsibility to others is something to be cultivated. That's the lens I was viewing this pandemic (or "pandemic," depending whom you ask) through when I wrote that reply above. That said... I do worry about my friends, my family, myself, and everyone. My first reaction when Covid surfaced was, "Well, I guess we'll finally see if people will actually listen to scientists." Not sure where I stand today, other than right next to you in your concerns bout magnified fears over future illnesses, and a generally increased susceptibility to our already overblown tendency to panic over anything. Thanks for commenting! -Dym


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