Aug. 10, 2020

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Date: 8/9/2020 2:59:32 AM
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Evening on this heat advisory day, in Wisconsin anyway! Think its 90° something. Don't mind the heat its just people's heated temperatures that get 2 me during this time of year! Going 4 a walk outside helps, specially by my lonesome. Yeah guess I been into social distancing b4 it was a commandment. Also enjoy hot showers on days like this 2 help me cool off! Cold showers never been my thing even when its upwards of 100°

Beyond that praying they pack me up tomorrow or at the last minute on Monday 2 get outta here! Think I might pack up just 4 the hell of it! Just cause sometimes leaving is fun! Reminds me of a quote I wrote weeks ago...
"Sometimes the most loyal thing someone can do 4 U is leave"

Respectfully I'll put comments 2 ur 3 comments in one piece which saves me 20¢

I am staying safe n healthy. Wisdom helps! Once over heard or read "never b anywhere where u can b accused of something!" I put that in practice now! I also maintain a self imposed curfew! Men love darkness more than light cause their deeds r evil. So being out in the late night has nothing 4 me. Gotta stay spiritually healthy by not exposing myself 2 harmful elements. Key word OSMOSIS

Health wise still working out/stretching n trying 2 eat less pink slime n processed foods, sadly that's all prison offers so u eat it cause u don't choose 2 starve 2 death specially possessing the notion that freedom is round the corner. I can better serve my community under house arrest!

Regarding the picture! Mrs Tenzintenzin didn't do it on purpose. Her post 2 un me goes on 2 elaborate on the honest mistake that she made. I have already apologized 4 coming off as is I was falsely accusing her! I was just over anxious n prison adds a certain level of paranoia 2 daily life as people do steal pictures. Some will front like its they girlfriend n what not. Yeah this environment something else. Ever had ya draws stolen out the shower?! Yikes!!! Any who there was no withholding on her part as noted in her post as well. Proud 2 say I did receive the picture of her as well as the house,a dream come true. Both will go in my dream journal as God led me 2 her location in June of 2019 nl officially met her acquaintance in December! Only God could do that!

Thanks the compliment on the 2 poems. Surprised, but glad U had fun reading them! Hope they left u inspired, motivated,n in deep thought..

All I can ask or ever hope 4 However I take all compliments as words of encouragement n use it as fuel 2 write more
Once I get the money 2 publish it I'm sure U'll enjoy n have fun reading my collection of poetry entitled

Ain't wrote a poem in quite sometimes been focusing 2 much on release plans n coming up with the $$$ 2 publish another book that was recently accepted by a self-publish company. Also focusing on song lyrics,which I'm new 2!

But here's one from couple months agol

June 26,2020
Heaven on earth,
Is broken
My crys outspoken
My English,broken
God. Dis ain't fair
Every moment taken my air
R U even there?
Question if U care
U say,
I'm blessed wit blessings
2 B a blessing
Circles of pain my lifes caressing
N heartaches
Theological debates
What will it take?
Who goes n who doesn't
Who is n who wasn't
How 2 get there, we fussin
Wonder if u bar'd 4 cussin
Or being born Russian
Living in dust'n
Cause somebody told U,"U nothing"
But God can breathe n all of a sudden
U up 2 something!


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