Aug. 21, 2020

Love Note

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)
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Personal Journal.....June 30, 2020
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Love Note

8/5/2020 My Dearest Love:
I wonder sometimes what it would be like if we had what other people would consider a normal relationship. Would you love me as much if the excitement wasn't there, if I was afraid to dance on top of the skyscrapers, if I never turned our sailboat into the sun. If we caught a matinee in place of a midnight show. What if I had never rode a Thunderbird over the grapevine with your arms wrapped around me. Would you love me this much if I hadn't carried you across the thresholds of our combined lives. What if I would have called someone else to repair something, would you still love me as much? Would you still love me if I forgot how to ride a bicycle backwards? Would you still sing with me if I forgot how to play the banjo? You often talked about loving me for my curly blonde hair, now my hair is no longer curly and no longer blonde but the color of pure snow do you still love me? Do you still want to dance with me past closing time and and sing out of tune to the music of a broken down jukebox? Do you still dream of falling asleep in my arms? As I whisper I love you in your ear.Do you still love me in the same way I love you? Forever & ever.

I'll Love You Always
Forever & Ever & Ever
Your Steve

P.S. With tears in my eyes I miss you
you are the reason the birds sing, the sun comes up. I love you


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tigana Posted 2 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 2 months ago   Favorite
My sweetheart.
I wonder where the lost notes go - when I fill the little box with words and then my finger slips and the words to you are gone...if you ever get incomplete notes from me, that’s why - lol. I was just finishing what I had to say and the whole thing vanished - sigh - will also explain duplication - if I say things now and you also get another note that’s much the same - it’s not because I’ve gone suddenly insane - it’s because I’ve lost the first note!
Maybe I should write earlier in the day - it’s after 2 AM now - not sure why I’m not sleeping - I sure should be!
My best birthday present was hearing your voice - well, what little talking you were able to get in - lol - I just wanted to run off at the mouth - words just poured out. Oddly, when I daydream about being with you, I don’t talk much - I like to listen - or lie in the circle of your arms just quietly - contentedly.
Off to sleep now - I know they try to print and mail on Mondays so I don’t want to leave this and finish tomorrow - I’m finishing now so it’ll be ready...
I love you - with everything I am. I like to think it’d be the same if we were normal, but we’ll never know - because we’ve never been normal! (Btw - I’d like to see you riding that bike backwards nowadays - or even riding it forward!)
All my love - always and all ways
I am forever
Your Jeannie

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