July 19, 2020

Personal Journal.....June 30, 2020

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Jorunal

I had a biopsy on my left shoulder and hand last week 0 blood all over the place must be blood thinner in half my medication. The Dermatologist already told me it was cancer, no melanoma but blood cell carcinoma. No where near as bad. He just has to have it confirmed with a biopsy before the prison will allow it to be operated on. I'm looking for a publisher for some of my work- if anyone knows anyone who might be interested in publishing a book of my poetry or Love Note give them a shout out :) I want to thank all the people who have left comments over the last few months 3whb--De, mauk--mimi, m8e2--sumikoska, udeu--sona186, mccn--kenna, Jad9--frameyourstories, 24rr--tigana My Jeannie my true love.
The last day of June - I feel empty stomach light headed I know I'm not eating enough for dinner I choke down a burrito and a four bites of salad it was hard to swallow anything I hope I can do better at breakfast I will force more down. Writing going slow this morning I'm having trouble spelling if I stay on a word long enough I'll find it in the dictionary or remember how to spell it. I guess my celly moving - he didn't/has;t said anything to me but to a friend of mine - one of the things I told him when he moved in was to tell me if or when he decided to move. I'll wait and see if he tells me or if he even moves.
7/5/20 Today would have been Stevie 48th birthday I miss you, son, everyone misses you. I know you must have knew everyone loved you - you just find;t know how much - how you touched so many hearts. I did something stupid last week hurting my back - pulling a muscle. What happened, the door opened to get our dinner trays, I pulled a big tub out to set on my bed to eat on like I've been doing everyday since this shutdown started. I forgot to bend and lift with my knees but pulled it up with my back - lucky it wasn't something worst. It still hurt if I move wrong but I can move around some. Yesterday I was just sick most of the day. Worst 4th of July dinner every :) 1 hot dog, (I stop eating hot dogs here a long time ago, too much preservatives, taste like salt) I find;t eat it all I choked on it, no I mean choked on it over over the toilet caught in my throat where I couldn't breathe until I get it out- did I say it was like rubber :) I got a note about my biopsy lost week. I have a kind of skin cancer. "I am sorry to inform you that your skin biopsy done on 6/24/2020 shows 8 squamous cell cancer on the left hand + basal cell carcinoma on the back. I am referring office to see Dermatology within 2 weeks." that;s last, I'll keep you informed
7/1/2020 The days seems to be flying by the 7th of July. Happy Birthday John, Happy Birthday Carol. I unexpectedly when out to the Stockton Hospital yesterday to see a speech therapist :) I know about time I learned to talk :) but no not for that. It was because of the trouble I have swallowing. He had me swallow some foods while he watch my throat. It seems I have trouble even swallowing Jello and apple sauce because they stick to my throat. He said I needed to exercise my throat muscles and my tongue. He;s telling my doctor to put me on a liquid diet, I don't see how that's going to stop my weight loss. It has stopped for now but I've been eating like a pig :) true, or I should say choking it down. I want to stop for now and start a letter. I keep hearing so many bad things happening in Georgia. The virus picking up - the national guards being called in because of the violence - I worry - stop rolling your eyes. I'm fine- not one confirmed case here so far :) All my friends take care- masks, wash your hands. I can hear my brother Tim - I wash up this morning and I'll put a mask on before I go into the store :)


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tigana Posted 3 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 2 months, 4 weeks ago   Favorite
Quick note in case they do mail tomorrow - I should get a card or letter out this week. Just depressed - no desire to do anything! But I think I’m getting past it finally.
Nothing much really happens here - we are quite rural - no big cities (or small ones, for that matter). There have been some shootings but they’re isolated incidents - not like what the media tells you. Our day-to-day life hasn’t changed much - except now we have to start wearing masks to grocery shop. Stupid
I love you - I’m worried about you - your health - I feel so helpless....
Love, love, love...
Your Jeannie

Steve J. Burkett Posted 2 months ago.   Favorite
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Steve J. Burkett Posted 1 month, 1 week ago.   Favorite
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