Sept. 1, 2020

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by William Goehler (author's profile)
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Reply: pjy3

August 22


Hi! Sorry for the delay in responding to your August 4 note. Hopefully what I have to say here will find you in the best of health and in high spirit.

You know, if you look-up and define the work CHARITY, you may just see where your next gig should be. Sometimes when your "business" is down, its a good time to take your gig elsewhere - as a charity event - for the love of it. I'm just sayin, it could always be worse, right? Who sings [Drawing of two music notes] When you can't be with the one you love [drawing of a music note] Love the one your with [Drawing of two music notes] What else do you like to do other than swim and sing?

I appreciate you asking me what my hobbies and interests are. The quick answer to both is: People. I'm the offspring of Posidon too, and I remember I when I was 27. I used to fish for Mermaids down there in the keys...but they turned out to be Sirens, and the the tides took me to KeyWest instead, LOL. Such is the life of an adventurous hedonist I suppose. If youth only knew...

30 years later now, after the last 22 in person, my hobbies and interests seem much more geriatric. I read and write a lot, and wonder what my kids (your age), and their mothers, are doing out there. As you may have noticed here on my blog site, they don't leave me a clue.

Other than that, I have plenty of surrogate kids here who I sometimes make my hobby, provoking them to think for themselves -before these tides here pull them off course to places they may regret. For instance, provoking dope friend thugs to consider their insanity, is always exciting. But saving derilicts from the sympathetic psych industry is my favorite thing to do. Both hobbies being potentially volitile of course.

It turns out in every case I adopt, people just need to give account and discover what they truly think - under all the facades. Past decisions are most often invalid in present time I make it my hobby to help increase awareness in that area.

Some prisoners resent this increased awareness of past decisions which continue sabotaging their life, and then they blame me - and call me a Mind Vamp - praying on their thoughts. Isn't "imagination" the most wonderful thing about humanity? We are only as alive as we can communicate! I intend to revive Minds in my zone of influence, and help free them from the past decisions having a negative impact on their life.

Is there any better place to do that than prison? Yet here I sit all alone in a bare cell - thrown in the hole for enemy concerns. Ater 12 yrs here at MuleCreek, without incident! I've lost nearly all my property and await transfer. Of cours I certainly take full-responsibility for getting involved with a volitile case in the first place, and I know with a certainty this will be one more regret he adds to the conscience haunting him. Perhaps this regret will prompt him to reconsider his faulty Decision Maker (Mind) after all.

So how about you, E? I'm interested to know what this letter prompted you to think. What this letter prompted anybody reading it to think. Do you think maybe I should find a different hobby? If there were others daring to ennoble beastial souls, I'd reconsider my decision to accept this responsibility to inspire others to think for themselves clearly.

Bye! outa paper. Be blessed.


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