Sept. 12, 2021

Welcome To COVID Central

by Rhonda J. Bays (author's profile)



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DATE: 02/07/2021 05:50:42 PM

Welcome to Covid Central Jan 2021

Hello!! This is the third week of January and I just tested positive for Covid-19, ugh. Me and 108 other women in my unit. I figured I would be since I had a fever the other night. It was low-grade but a fever all the same.

My symptoms are coughing, sweating, headache, body aches and pains, and rapid heart beat. I hope it changes soon.

Hello. It changed alright. Now I have no sense of smell or taste. Okay, I do somewhat. Coffee tastes like cabbage juice and I can't stand it right now. Who would have ever thought they would see the day to where I don't like coffee. It's a nightmare!! Dial soap smells like gasoline. Other things just have no smell at all. Albeit that can be somewhat of a good thing in here--especially going to the public bathrooms.

I went to sick call and received Mucinex and steroids. The steroids I can't take because of my stelara but the Mucinex is working wonders. Oxg at 95 Heart beat 88. I forgot my BP but it was good.

I have 2 friends in the hospital from this unit. Donna and Theresa. Hopefully by the time anyone reads this they will be CURED and back here. In the meantime, please say a little prayer for both of them and their safety. They have been prison sentences--not death sentences here. Unfortunately with Covid-19, some people have received both.

OMG!! Am I hallucinating from Covid or is there now a Democrat in office? Ugh. Going back to bed....

It has been crazy out there at the capital buildings. On top of worrying about Covid-19 we have to worry that our family out there is safe. What IS this world coming to? Everything is so crazy scary I'm ALMOST glad I'm tucked away in here. (ALMOST being the key word here)

I am getting better. The sense of smell and taste are still jacked up but everything else is about gone. I'm on the road to recovery! Yea...

It's now the end of the month and I am "recovered". That means 14 days have passed. That's it. No more testing or anything. Now I won't be tested here again. Crazy, huh?

Okay--gonna get ready for the Feb post. Bye everyone!!!!!! (Love you kiddo!!)


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