Dec. 23, 2021

Comment Response

by Dymitri Haraszewski (author's profile)
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Comment response
(April 9, 2021)


First off, there is NO excuse for my taking THIS long to reply to your comments. I'm sorry. That
said, (and I'll post separately about this as well). When ppl comment on my posts, which I appreciate HUGELY,
I hope you understand that it typically takes 2 days to 2 weeks, and sometimes longer. For the site to get
them printed and mailed to me. That's no complaint on BetweenTheBars; They are working hard to post and
get comments to hundred of prison bloggers. Delay is expected, and they don't delay much. But a
few days feels like years in internet time, right? So please just understand that there's a major built in delay
for comments and comment replies. However, the REAL problem, and this IS a complaint, is that this crap
mailroom and the specific shitball who currently runs it, K-Gibbs (Karen, no doubt) delays MY incoming
mail for 30, 40, and up to 70+ days, routinely. Some disappears forever, and occasionally some is delivered
seven MONTHS late, never with any explanation. Any commenters who think this is wrong and may be upset
that your attempts to communicate with incarcerated people are being thwarted by one power-tripping troll in
a prison mailroom are encouraged to make a former complaint, on your own behalf (it's your right, too) or
on mine. Mule Creek State Prison is the place.
Now, like I said, THIS reply of mine is so late not only due to mailroom shenanigans, but also due
to the general demoralization of being subjected to that sort of thing and constantly fighting it in vain.
But Karmaaa and LoganM2, I wanted to single out your old comments cuz you guys plainly put
in some thought and seemed to be looking for dialogue on my "fear" post as well as a similar one to this.
Thanks a ton for your thoughtful replies on a pretty complex subject - more or less the very nature of
"good" and "evil"! Yup, that's one for folks to dig deep into, IMO, yet very few ppl give it much thought
at all beyond classifying acts, ideas, and individuals into clear categories based solely on their private
values and judgements. We almost all believe we "know" what "bad" really is, yet we totally disregard
how everyone else feels just as sure as we do, yet we ourselves are almost certainly "bad" in the
eyes of some others. How can that be? Is one "right" and another simply "wrong" in his/her judgment?
If so, what exactly is the standard we should ALL be measuring by? ("Well, by my standard, of course!",
so thinks pretty much everyone, right? :))
There's a whole universe to be delved deeper into on all of this, and I'd love to go there with both
of you, or anyone else who's interested, for that matter. BUT... right now, I don't even know if y'all ever
see this, even, and from past comment exchanges I have to doubt it, so I'm gonna leave it at that for now.
But please, for sure... if you want to go further, hit me up! Just remember... I won't see your words for weeks or
months. :( Anyone may write me directly, too: [Dymitri Harszewski/AC2622 C-Yard/ PO Box 40900/Ione Ca 95640]


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