Aug. 4, 2022
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To my lil cuz Ashley Hess,
Hi, baby. How are you? I hope good.

I have never forgotten you. Every time I email with Desi, I ask how her sisters are doing. You, Nan, Brit and lil Til was just a baby when I came here. Look, you can email me at my Gmail, okay? It goes to my new sister Jen, and she forwards all emails to me. So don't write a novel or she'll have to print it on paper and mail it to me. You can sign up and email me directly, but each email costs .25. It's not free! So for now, just shoot me a message to my Gmail:

Okay, I haven't seen you since you were so freakin' little! I don't speak to your parents, I have no desire to. They testified against me and helped me get a life sentence. But I have always loved you kids and, up until my mom died, me and Mom would talk about you's every week. She would get updates from Linda and tell me how everyone was. I used to write with Nan, but then she disappeared on me. And I could never get in touch again.

Desi told me about Matthew's death. I know your grandmom was crushed over that. I heard from Michael a few times, but nothing since a few weeks after my mom died.

I'm okay, Ash. Email me, email me your address + phone #. I'd love to talk to you again. Take care and stay safe. I love you, kiddo, even though you're not a kid anymore.

My daughter is 24 now, but she's mad at me, so she isn't speaking to me right now.

Hope to hear from you soon. Love you, lil cuz.


PS: Happy Birthday, lil cuz. I'm sorry I missed it.

I am at a new prison called Coal Township. Where Mikey was. I have no idea how to get in touch with you. No one seems to know where you live, and I am trying. If you read this, Ashley, email me at

I hope to hear from you, lil cuz. Love you.



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