Aug. 18, 2022

They did it to me! (Part 1)

by Dymitri Haraszewski (author's profile)


they did it to me

after all i could to prevent it for the past 4 years, a few days ago i was forcibly and very involuntarily taken from the level 3 two person cage I was in and put into a level 2 six person cage. i didnt want this to happen, and it shouldnt have happened for two main reasons. first i got rammed through "classification" whit no opportunity to participate in the hearing because they gave me no time to arrange my relevant paperwork and becuase the hearing was done via conference call in which my phone, of course, did not work. I could hear everyone, but no one could hear me. the second reason this shouldnt have happened is that i formally appealled the transfer, and i won. simple as that. the reviewer ruled that i was to be left where i was, but in the end, the pigs on the ground just didnt care about some appeal decision from on high: they wanted me moved, and so i was moved.

so, thats the background; this is the story. when they pulled my groggy, discomposed ass out bed at 6:30 am, i immediately told the building officer I'd woman appeal, preventing transfer, so he sent me to see the segeant, but when i tried to explain it there-- still fuzzy headed and disoriented-- the sergeant just listened stone faced and then said to me as if i were retarded, "yes, i hear you, but you are going." of course he read the appeal decsion too but that didnt matter to him, and then privately one of his goons took me aside to strongly emphasize that if he/they wanted me gone, then i was gone, and 'D have nothing ot say about it. his threat was very clear.

realizing there was probably no escape for me, i want back to start packing my things- a big job, considering id won that appeal and thus had felt safe enought to have everything distinctly un-packed and accessible, as anyone would if theyd believed they were in a stable situation for at least a year-- but i also began the process for seeing the psychologist immediately, as he was the only one who really understand how difficult this was for me and at that moment, my mind was racing out of control with fustration, anxiety, and anger. I need a calming influence, and even the building officer himself, who saw me everyday, had noticed I wasnt doing well so he made an emergency call for me to see someone in the mental health office right away.


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