Aug. 23, 2022

Poop Privacy Isn't Just About You

by Dymitri Haraszewski (author's profile)


poop privacy isnt just about you

today i overgead an unpleasant conversation: "he put down the phone all of a sudden and said he had to go to the bathroom. i tried telling him to just take the phone in there with him, but he said 'no, then you'll hear me farting and all that." i explained that i spend all day in a room with five other grown men using the toilet jsut two feet away from me, so i hear that all the time and i dont care im used to it. but he kept saying he had to go, then he just put the phone down and left

this huy sounded almost offended as he complained to his mother about his 13 year old brother. i was bothered by his cavalier certianity that his littl ebrother shouldnt mind performing the toilet orchestra for him because he expereince it every day from "five other grown men," a confidence in his own depravity that made him fail to understand why his message didnt seem to get through. what upset me most was his obliviousness to the problem not being his message not getting though, by the other way round- the kids message plainly didnt get through to him, his little brother obviously wanted his privacy! it didnt matter that this desensitized prisoner was unmoved by bowel movement; the kids had clearly just frame di tthat way to avoid speaking expliciitly about a topic he was comofrtable trying to explain to hin uncomprehending older brothe.r it was a discomfort i beleive most normal, non instituionalized people would have.


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