Jan. 12, 2012

Can't Sleep Tonight

by Joseph Smith (author's profile)


Thoughts From The Heart
BY: Joseph Smith
2012 January 02
3:30AM EST:

Can't sleep tonight, so here I am writing about how the state of Ohio is playing Politics with my life and with the lives of the men and women who are confined within their prison system-as well with those who are under authority to oversee our confinement until one of two things happen, we are released or we die. MTC, a private prison business whose main goal and only goal is to make a profit. The North Central Prison name has been changed to: North Central Complex which shall include the old Marion Juvenile Prison. MTC, a private prison prison company based out of Utah has been given the two year lease, the have the sub contract [for?] the Food Service Department, and the Prison Commissary Services out to out of state companies. As well as the prescription drugs the fleecing of the tax payers of Ohio. This prison is not safe. Profits are put over human lives-"Big Business". Everybody is making money off the backs of the prisoner and their families. The out of state phone company whereas[?] a 15 minute phone call to Cleveland, Ohio cost $18.65!!! Really!!! The vending machine companies who operate the vending machines hear in the visiting room and housing units-and now an out of state cable company is being lobbied to install TV cable here. "Big Business" I don't claim to be an economics major, but reason would have it. These out of state companies are sending their money back to their states, whereas the only benefit, if you will, are the low paying jobs with/or some without benefits that comes. Thus those at the state house can state "Jobs are coming to Ohio!" "We are making progress." But this private prison concept, only places people in harm's way. This company's track record is not the best when it comes to safety and the treatment of prisoners. Only time will tell. This writer is praying for the best, but knows as all good school children knows--"EVIL ONLY PREVAIL AND TRIUMPH <- when good People do nothing." And it's a sad state of affairs-for there are "no" good people left here, to take up the cause for those who can't help themselves. No matter what one thinks of us--we are still human and members of the human race. Stay tuned. The people need to know what's going on within their prison system and the money being spent or not.


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EP99 Posted 8 years, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
Transcribed your 1/2/12 letter beginning with "Can't sleep tonight", and will transcribe the one from the previous day.

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