April 24, 2011
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Hey. Well, here I am again. I guess I will try to explain how much raw hate an inmate faces in prison.

The blacks hate the whites and Hispanics, the whites hate the blacks and Hispanics, the Hispanics hate the whites and blacks. It's pretty simple when it comes to religion: hate anyone who doesn't share your beliefs. it's the same with gangs. They say there are organizations now. Anyone who is not a member of your gang, you hate. The guards hate all inmates. Everyone hates anyone who is locked up for child abuse of any kind. Straight guys hate gays. People who have money hate those who are broke. Inmates hate the guards. Mentally ill inmates are hated by the "normal" people. Inmates and guards hate the medical staff. Inmates hate the ridiculous prices we are charged for commissary. Inmates hate how in Texas they are forced to work without any kind of compensation.

With all the time spent hating, it's no wonder this is the most violent environment a person can be placed in. This is no bullshit, this place is worse than a war zone.

I have heard statements like "You can't rape a punk," which is a gay dude. I have heard that if a guy won't fight back, he deserves whatever happens to him. I have dudes brag about raping a young guy. I have seen guys get jumped by four or more people and get beaten so badly that they had to care flighted to a hospital. I have seen guards spray a guy with asthma with pepper spray until he stopped breathing and report that he had hung himself, just because he spit on a captain. I have seen a guy jump from a third floor tier. He told the guards that he was going to jump, and they laughed at him and told him to go ahead. I have seen a guy seriously hack his arms up because a member of the psych staff told him he didn't have the balls and told him to stop being a pussy, that if he would have cut deeper if he wanted help.

If you know someone in prison or locked up at all, pray for them because when they get out, they will never be the same. I believe they call it PTSD. This place destroys your humanity. Trust me, you don't think it can be that bad until you hear an 18 year-old dude crying late at night, begging his cellie to please stop sodomizing him.

Just thought you should know that it'snot like a country club in here.

Peace. :)


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