Feb. 11, 2012

Slow Down

From Poetic Coup by Marvin D. Wilson (author's profile)


Slow down

Yeah, you look good on the outside but you hurting on the inside
I can tell, it's in your eyes 'cause your eyes look like mine
You staying high 'cause the world looking savage as hell
And if you die, you want to die while you high as hell
I can tell the fast lane got you pressured at night
And you try to hide your pain through excitement and hype
I can tell, an enlightenment would be the best problem solver for problems
Educating the black nation ain't something i just thought up
'Cause you caught up in worldly things, chasing them girls in them jeans
Yeah, she look good but she too fast for me
Grab the keys to open doors so you can close it on this drug war
And open up other doors so we can even the score
What does it take for the people to relate
That the hate that they make is a deadly mistake
Pump your brakes, evaluate the whole meaning of life
The road's blocked. Better stop now and try to make it right.

Poetic Coup


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