Feb. 11, 2012

to Steeler's Nation: Did The Steelers Deserve To Loose?

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To: Steeler Nation - Did the Steelers Deserve to lose?
10:32 p.m.
01/08/2012, Sunday

Before i go into my thoughts on that crushing defeat (8-8) Denver Broncos dealt to the Pittsburg Steelers, I first have to eat my words. I wrote a previous article predicting the Steelers would beat Denver by at least two scores; it didn't happen. Sorry Denver fans :-]. I was wrong! What continues to jump out at me is the fact that there never should've been an overtime in the firs place. The Pittsburg Steelers offense marched down the field, and scored a huge, game-tying touch down with three minutes and some odd seconds left to play in the fourth quarter. We click the ball off, Denver gets possession at their own twenty-yard line. They gain one first down, and a few downs later they werre faced with a third down and nine Denver punts. The Pittsburg Steelers get the ball with 1:15 to play in regulation. What happened next? Nearly the exact same thing that happened in week nine (against the Baltimore Ravens)!
Ben Rothlesberger, and the Steelers offense, drove the ball all the way down to the Denver Broncos' 43 yard line. Then, poor clock management, a penalty, sack and plane on bad play calling pushed them out of the field goal range. That marked the second time-in huge gamers - the Pittsburg Steelers mismanaged the clock. Those are the tips of mental mistakes you just don't suppose to allow to be repetitive. The Pittsburg Steelers were actually on the Denver Broncos' 43 yardline, with 18 seconds to play, a first-down and 10, and got absolutely NOTHING out of the situation! That loss falls square on the head of coach, Mike Tomlin, for allowing it to happen twice!
I actually expected the Denver Broncos to play tough at home. Plus, the fact that when teams play the Steelers, the opposing teams defense step their game up. They usually do that so to not be out done by the Steelers defense. Especially with the reputation that PittBurgh's defense has for being tough. What I did not expect was the same, exact thing to take place. Clock-mismanagement, delay of game penalties, and poor play selections. It seems to me that nearly all the games I watch Pittsburg play against obvious mediocre teams, they barely win. Or they allow these so-so talented teams to take them all the way down to the wery last play, the very last minutes of the fourth quarter.
When will couch, Mike Tomlin, realise that he NEEDS a new offensive coordinator? How come the pirrsburg Steelers aint blowing these weaker teams out (like Boltimore and NewEngland, and GreenBay does)? I think the Pittsburg Steelers are definitely a great football team, but until coach, Mike Tomlin realises it's the offensive coordinator that's continuing to subject the team to - avoidable and - shocking defeats, the Pittsburg Steelers will continue this pattern of being defeated by average football teams.
I was really looking forward to Pittsburg going back to the Superbowl, and beating Greenbay in a rematch. Not this season. Never the less, I will remain a die-hard Pittsburg Steelers fan for life!
Steeler Nation,

12:03 a.am.
01/09/2012, Monday
P.P. Box 9900
Boscobel, Wisconsin



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mel124 Posted 6 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 6 years, 3 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. I'd just like to say that i find your enthusiasm very inspiring. I'd like to say i understood what you were writing about, but i honestly didn't have a clue because i live in the UK and the football here is very different. But don't worry, i copied everything and i didn't forget a thing...i think. :)

Al-Amin Akbar Posted 6 years, 2 months ago.   Favorite
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