Oct. 30, 2015

If you play Chess...I'm looking for you!

From The Modern Blackamoor by Al-Amin Akbar (author's profile)


IF you play chess...
I'm looking for you!




I am an avid chess player. I believe I play on a pro-level. I would like to play in the mail or even on the web. I have, at least, one of the best games at my location (C.C.I.). If you are able, I would appreciate if you could have some one from www.uschess.org feed (or however it's arranged) play me via mail.

Page 2, I have enclosed my very last game (hitherto); it is an example of, what I hope can serve as an offering of, my level of experience. I played the black pieces and I won.

I will be looking forward to hearing from www.uschess.org and any and all that play chess.

Betweenthebars.org/blogs/Al-Amin Akbar 285

page 2,
Total 72 moves
Black wins

w = white
white = my opponent

b = black
black = myself.

W PD2 to D4 (1)
B D7 to D5 (1)

W CI to G5 (2)
B F7 to F6 (2)

W G5 to H4 (3)
B C8 to F5 (3)

W C2 to C4 (4)
B G8 to H6 (4)

W BI to C3 (5)
B E7 to E7 (5)

W C4 XBD5 (6)
B E6 XWD5 (6)

W E2 to E4 (7)
B D5 XWE4 (7)

W D4 to D5 (8)
B F8 to D6 (8)

W F1 to B5 (9)
B B8 to D7 (9)

W QD1 to H5 (10)
B BF5 to G6 (10)

W QH5 to E2 (11)
BK E8 to F8, BRH8 to F8 (11)

W KG1 to H3 (12)
B KH6 to F5 (12)

W BH4 to G3 (13)
B KF5 to D4 (13)

W QE2 to D2 (14)
B KD4 XWBB5 (14)

W KC3 XBKB5 (15)
B KD7 to D5 (15)

W KE1 to G1 H1 to F1 (16)
B KC5 to D3 (16)

W PF2 to F4 (17)
B PF6 to F5 (17)

W KH3 to G5 (18)
B B06 to C5 [check] (18)

W BG3 to F2 (19)
B KD3 XWBF2 (19)

W RF1 XBKF2 (20)
B BC5 XWRF2 [check] (20)

W KG1 XBBF2 (21)
B BG6 to F7 (21)

W RA1 to D1 (22)
B PA7 to A6 (22)

W KB5 to A3 (23)
B PB7 to B6 (23)

W KA3 to C2 (24)
B QD8 to D6 (24)

W PG2 to G3 (25)
B RA8 to D8 (25)

W KC2 to E3 (26)
B PH7 to H6 (26)

W KG5 to H3 (27)
B QD6 to G6 (27)

W QD2 to C3 (28)
B QG6 to H5 (28)

W KF2-G2 (29)
B BPB5-B4 (29)

W QC3 to C5 (30)
B QH5 to F3 [check] (30)

W KF2 to G1 (31)
B BAG to A5 (31)

W KH3 to F2 (32)
B BF7 to G6 (32)

W QC5XBPC7 (33)
B QF3XWKE3 (33)

W PD5 to D6 (34)
B RD8 to C8 (34)

W QC7 to B7 (35)
B RC8 to C2 (35)

W RD1 to F1 (36)
B RC2 to D2 (36)

White made no 37th move! He surrendered by tilting his king over! Black wins!

Al-Amin Akbar #211383
Columbia Corr. Insti.
P.O. Box 900, Portage, WI, 53901


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