Oct. 26, 2010
by Marteze Harris (author's profile)


Wow! I have a blog site -- are you kidding me!?! I have been incarcerated for 15 yrs., so I know almost nothing of or about blogging. However, I am a pretty fast learner and I have the gist of what blogging is and for students at the world renowned, MIT to give prisoners this opportunity is truly amazing. So, they get a big shoutout!

It is rare that prisoners get the chance for people in society to hear our voices. To know that we are more than criminals, less than animals, unfeeling and unable to love - just to name a few. So, now you can hear first hand what makes us tic and you get to ask any question(s) your heart desires.

One thing I promise is that I will Always be honest and upfront with whomever chooses to follow my blog or correspond with me thru my blog. But you must know that if you are an english teacher, or a stickler on grammar and punctuation, I am probably not the person whos blog site will interest you. Smile. Seriously though, I was horrible in english. I never got any of the correctness about writing. I do okay, and I believe, that what I have to say will be clear to understand. And that is what is important, the message, right.

Okay, now let me tell you a Little about myself. My name is Marteze, I am a prisoner in the Wisconsin Dept of Corrections. I have been incarcerated for 15 yrs., for armed robbery. In two of the armed robberies people were killed. I was not the shooter. I drove the car - however that does not lessing my role in what happened to those people. I have prayed for forgiveness, but now I think it is more about me forgiving myself. I was in a bad place in my life then, my mama had just passed and I was mad at the world. I lost track of what was important, so I turned to drinking and drugs. 3 months after my mama passed I was incarcerated. Again!

Yes, I said again. The first time I got lock up I was 16 yrs. old. I got out at the age of 21, 2 months later My mama was diagnosed with cancer, a year later she was gone.

I had done everything in my power while in prison the first time to ensure that I was not a part of the recidivism statistics. I received my HSED, Data Entry certificate and a little college. I took anger management, AODA, CGIP and Violent Offenders Group. I was released and I felt like I was on top of the world. I was wrong, very wrong. Oh, things were going good when I first got out - I was enrolled in college, working; doing the things I was suppose to do in order to be a positive and productive citizen in society. After my mama passed I lost it.

anyway, it is now 15 yrs. later and I am finally living again, for me this time. Before I lived for other people now I try to put God , first and let him worry about the things I have no control over.

Right now I am just working and trying to save up for my paralegal course. I have come ot have a love of the law and the legal system. I have (excuse the error I had to switch my type writer ribbon)

I have a certificate in masonry, I am a certified tutor and I am in school right now for culinary arts, but I would love to have a degree under my belt before I see the parole board next year.

I am a 37 yr. old man now no longer a boy. I can no longer blame anything on anyone, but myself. So I have to take responsible fo rmy own actions. When I am released this time I 'MUST' step out and be a productive part of society.

I am talking to much, I meant for this to be a short, a just get to know you blog, but I Just kept writing... rambling on and on. Smile.

I talked to you so you would know me and know that I am sincere about the person I am now, rather than who I used to be. I will never LIE to you and I will always write from my heart. So I hope that you will follow my blog and send me questions if you have any. i look forward to hearing from you.


Marteze Harris #161543
Waupun Correctional Institution
Post Office Box 351
Waupun, Wisconsin 53963


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