April 15, 2012

Living on Purpose - Successes and Failures

by William Goehler (author's profile)


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Greeting again world.

Once again I have a couple essays to post. Trust me when I say that I would much rather be enjoying some type of dialogue with other people in this web, instead of posting these topical soliloquies !!! but for the time being this will have to suffice. Hopefully, somewhere along the line - those people who read my blog postings will in turn post their comments and welcome real dialogie, either via this blog site or directly to my address listed above.

Be Blessed

Living on Purpose
Statement Workbook
Adapted from D Amen's M D One Page Miracle

In Cell Assignment

Answer the following questions to help you shed light on what you value, useanother sheet of paper if needed.

List five experiences in which you felt like a failure. Have you been more likely to repeat your failures or your successes?

I would have to say that I have obviously failed in everything domestic - nay, rather everything civic. I dearky enjoyed the domestic life and it was easy enough to mnaifest a good life playing house out there. Playing the citizen was an entirely different matter for me though. I have been a dis-franchized citizen all my life, and I just would not subject my fealty to any master above my eternal legacy to assert my will on this temporal sphere of existance, as is spelled out to us in Genesis 1 V 28. Unfortunately other earthlings are given this same directive and my Will was simply outnumbered by the Will of the presnet establishment. Survival of the fittest - and of the most organized, is natures way I suppose. So I lost the battle to survive on my own terms with little regret... yet, the collateral damage of my self assertive rebellion to the status quo os regretful in that my five failures, nay - a few more than five, is... My failure to honor my responsibilties to all my children, and toward their mothers. I regret that I couldn't manage my eternal legacy as a free-spirit with the temporal repsonsibilties of domestic bondage.

As for the query, am I prone to repeat these failures? With two consecutive life sentences, I no longer have domestic or civic opportunties... but I do still offend etiquette with my free-spirited nature

List five experiences in which you felt successful in the past. Remember these experiences, and dwell on them.

Presently this experience at Mule creek turns out to have been a "successful" naviggation into a haven of sorts wherein I've managed to establish a certain un-gregarius disposition which permist me much grace doing this time here. I am "successfully" able to prouce exceptional pieces of artwork I send out to love ones. This has become a life-affirming expression - and exchange of good-will for all involved. I have "successfully" developed a rather fecund pen that tends to be-dazzle or inspire those who encounter the subjective force of my thoughts.

Having just recently reached 49 years... I am able to look back on a life of audacious experiences which has pretty much ruined my life - and yet paved the way to enable my soul. The most notable being my iconclastic quarrels with ecclesiatical puppeteers, andmy seditious crusades against our nations tyrants. Living through my billigerent battles with the status quo of zeit geist caused my exile to these pnal colonies for life...but when you consider the alternative death sentence which is typical for a rebels' last act of defiance - a life sentence in exile (where one nay live a monastic life of ennoblong contemplation and liberation of the soul), can actually become the ultimate "successful" experience.

Of course I want to list individual experiences which made me feel 2successful" in the past, such s when I got married...or when each of my kidz were born...or when I took my step=sons out of public school in the second grade in order to home school them rather than allow them to be perscribed drugs to attend class. Or when we moved from a two bedroom apartment into a three-bedropmed house. Or for that mattrer any of my pleasant memories of yore - BUT...those experiences which hold a degree of success then, have become the degree of failure I feel now, having lost all those successes when my Quixotic Crusades destroyed them all and landed me here. so tho I want to list those pleasant memories of yore. I just can't through the shame ?I feel that I failed to maintain them.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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