April 29, 2012

B.M.S.... What A Trip But Reality

by Oscar Vielma (author's profile)



B.M.S. What A Trip But Reality

Greetings, world. With respect, I extend my regards to all peoples. Today, I drop a good topic for everyone to peep out! Please feel free to give me your own feedback. Always be honest!

Today's thought is about baby's momma! Yup, it's a trip and reality to partake in them. But I do change the BMS to kids' mom to push a bit of heatwave on her. I have a kid's mom who thinks I don't deserve nothing. I told her she was worthless to me because she never showed me any type of support. Not moneywise but emotional since she got busted cheating and couldn't face it. She's paying me back with our kid. I haven't seen our baby boy in years, and yet she holds no remorse of any type. I haven't heard from her in years. I have kept writing to her for about a year with no response! I have apologized in all my letters yet no response.

So I ask myself for help wanted! Why do these BMs think they have the upper hand? What makes them judge, jury, and executioner to our children? Who gave her that judgment and right!? Don't we know that God and Jesus Christ once said: "How you judge or pass judgment, it shall be returned to you as well!"

I know a lot of BMs are not like this, but those who are—do you know the pain we suffer? How we desire to see our kid? It's hard to accept the reality when it's a true fact. I hope all BMs really think about the damage that is caused in all aspects and parties involved. After all, our child did not come into this world by our BMs only. No, it takes two to tango. Wish everyone the best!

But 'member, this is just me thinking because, in reality, this is just a thought. Holla holla.


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lov2hateME Posted 6 years, 11 months ago.   Favorite
as i scan these blogs and come across one that seems so realistic and see that many want to put a blam on BMs .....the fact that this situation is close to heart wanting to say they got cought cheating when in fact its more like the baby daddy got cought well the BM was down at that visiting site 2 days out the week and come to find out that the baby daddy had other famlaes visiting. so the fact that he (you) got cought and just cant be truthfully want to put the blam on the BM but thats cool cause some how she knows what happen that they might not just want to man up and take the fault of there own actions. but in reality things happen for a reason and the life of two ppl were never the same some time at the heat of the moment the ppl think they are right for eachother and they are not only to bring a other life in this world.Not that she might of kept you from the child but to have other family members have a chance to inform you of the child which might of been a batter situation. but what we will never know is why put a blam on the BMs?.... regards to a so late blog

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