May 12, 2011

Response to Comment

by Rodney Porter (author's profile)


Response to comment

In response to recent comments about my "Of Gender and Justice" blog post, I will try to clear a few things up.

It's not that I couldn't prove self-defense. It's not that I didn't prove self-defense. I did. My trial record clearly reflects that. Even so, the judge assigned to my case would not let me (the defense) submit any self-defense instructions—though we tried several—to the jury for consideration. Apparently, the court was stuck on the fact that two males engaged in a sexual act. It did not matter that it was non-consensual. Keep in mind that I live in a very conservative state, with an ultra conservative judicial system.

As for the question of escape, I challenge anyone who may read this to place themselves in my shoes at the time. You have been drugged. You have been raped. You have been locked inside a home against your will. You were scared and afraid of being raped again. There is only one way out of the house, and your rapist is standing between you and freedom. What do you do?

Some questions do not have easy answers. This is one of them. I do know I should not have to spend the rest of my life in prison. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, rational thinking goes out the window. For those unfortunate souls who have experienced a situation like the one described in "Of Gender and Justice", you well understand. For those that have never experienced it, I pray you never have to.

Rev. Rodney G. Porter


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