June 14, 2012

Hold me down...

by Darrell C Smith (author's profile)


Hold Me Down...
Hold Me Down is a song for every brother that has gotten locked up and felt that the woman they were involved with has abandoned them because they got locked up.

Chorus x2
Hold me down, I may be gone for more than a minute
So just hold me down, and be there when I get finished
Hold me down, I know it's hard but, girl, be strong
And hold me down, don't let me do this bid alone

Verse one
This for the women of the world, I ain't saying no names
But if you fucking with a nigga who knee-deep in the game
Then it's meant for yo ears, 'cause it's most our fears
That you gone leave when the judge go to handing out years
We chose the road that we traveled but we supported you
So when they give a nigga time how 'bout supporting us boo
Ain't trying to put ya life on hold, you ain't even gotta slow down
But when ya finally get a break, won't you send a nigga a pound
Or some pictures. Don't forget us, let us know that ya there
Spray the letters with perfume to let us know that you care
Maybe kiss it just to let a nigga know that it's real
You plan to leave me when I jump, then let me know how ya feel
You know how a nigga livin', don't try and change me now
Baby, you know how I feel, and I know I got ya attention
Only thing I'm asking you to do is listen



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