May 13, 2011

Greetings and Welcome

From A Lesbian Transwoman's Journal by Jennifer Amelia Rose (author's profile)


May 1, 2011

A Brief Introduction

Greetings and welcome.

My name is Jennifer. I am a 41-year-old transgender woman in a California state, maximum-security, men's prison. These blog posts/letters are intended to be posted online at the Between the Bars website and will include my own artwork, poetry, and writing.

It's my sincere hope that people will find what I have to share interesting. I welcome your comments, criticisms, feedback, and questions.

I am a biologically sex-assigned male, born October 6, 1969 in Riverside, California. My mother named me John David Gann.

In 1988 and 1991, I was convicted of robbery and set to California state prison, where I eventually was given a life sentence under the draconian "three strikes" law for assault and possession of an inmate-manufactured weapon. I regret these mistakes. I am remorseful for my harmful and self-destructive criminal behavior, but I am a better person now and feel that I have adequately paid for my rimes after more than 21 years in prison. During my imprisonment, I have suffered additional cruel and unusual punishment. I have been beaten, brutalized, humiliated, mistreated, sexually-abused, tortured, and mentally traumatized.

While I am grateful for the opportunities I have had in prison to learn and rehabilitate myself, I don't feel that I deserve to stay here for the rest of my natural life. So many people are in prison unjustifiably, it's such a waste of public funds and resources!

I am a pre-operative transsexual woman on a regimen of hormone therapy (estrogen). My physical appearance and preferred gender identity is unmistakably femme. I hope to eventually undergo sex-reassignment surgery (SRS). I am so uncomfortable and vulnerable in a men's prison, around sexual predators, and testosterone-induced male aggression. I wish I could be transferred to a woman's facility where I belong.

My prison friends and comrades call me "Baby Girl" or "Nena" and refer to me as a queen. I'm so girly! I'm a big fan of Lady Gaga, riotgrrls, Katy Perry, Pink, and The Donnas. I watch the Wendy Williams Show, and I subscribe to women's magazines. I am an Amazon and Wonder Woman fanatic!

I am a bisexual/lesbian/transgender woman with dreams and hope for the future. I hope to someday have another chance at freedom and to become a productive member of society. I have a lot to offer the world besides being a prisoner. I am ambitious, creative, honest, friendly, original, motivated, positive, respectful, sincere, spiritual, and unique. I am an activist, blogger, feminist, humanitarian, survivor, organizer, revolutionary, student, volunteer, and worker. I'm an aspiring artist, author, entertainer, fashionista, musical performer, poet, singer and songwriter, and world traveler.

I am an avid beach-goer, BDSM enthusiast, foodie, hedonist, pet lvoer, reader, and Siddha Yoga disciples of Swami Chidvilasananda disciple affectionately known as Gurumayi.

I am grateful and thankful to my mother and Mother Nature for all that I am. XOXO

Jennifer Gann
California Correction Insitution
May 1, 2011


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