May 13, 2011

Lessons Learned - Life as I Know

by Michael D. Pinner


Lessons Learned
Life As I Know...

Captured and placed within a cage at 15
nightmares hunted this young adolescent teen
tossed and turned away nights
to awake in a sweat
mentally confused
and filled with a suffocating sense of regret

Baby, be strong
and learn this scripture out of the Bible
1st Corinthians Chapter 13
a voice whispered in his ear with the
utmost compassion hear

Thus he was wide awake to the
importance of love
and the understanding that childish actions are
to be placed behind him
for he was living under circumstances
known to manifest two things for certain
drive an individual insane
or bring forth consciousness
reflecting a newly found sapient mind frame

By age 21
he was liberated from the chains that
held him captive to those illusive street
ideologies of a red and blue
it was now about family freedom
life to be cherished
learning of his daughter
Erykah Lashay Pinner
a diamond at that time he barely knew

Marriage at 24
thought it was
but wasn't what he figured the companionship
to be
so they years later departed
but gave life to twin sons
in a visit room
a grateful gift and blessing
for her and him

Now in his early 30s
endured adversity
overcame many forms of adversity
in a seek to uplift
he understands the value of life
even under inhumane conditions that kills minds
more than rehabilitates them
he yells "U-hu-ru-sa-sa"
he is light
one of God's essential gifts

Mr. Michael D. Pinner


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