July 6, 2011


by Michael D. Pinner



We boarded with luggage
far heavy to carry due to the enslavement
of our own passions alone

But despite its weight
luggage we carried on
optimistic of the future we were to behold
demonstrating fate
as seen fit best

Us loving how the ship looked while sailing
the sea
was infatuation overall else
which blinded our vision on how deadly and
corrupt the waves could be

Thus the ship shook violently
knocking one of us off our feet

Up you go
a hand of assistance was given
restoring balance
and words of wisdom was to give strength
to endure damage the waves may have
conflicted upon the ship

But not unto my surprise
the mate whom fell
was coated with fear
false evidence appearing real

And I say
what is love only spoken through words
without any actions
without its notion you're able to feel?

It didn't take long for one to jump into
the sea filled with sharks
and all else able to harm but seeming
delightful to the naked eye

There then I stood alone
praying that she
my ex-mate would make it to shore

Here I stand today
patiently waiting on a beautiful love
who's able to endure love and pain
refuse to abandon-ship
when it's thunder and rain


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