June 15, 2012
by LaRon McKinley Bey (author's profile)


Phone Justice

La Ron Mckinley Bey
WSPF PO Box 9900
Bescobel, Wisconsin 53805
June 11th 2012

To whom this concerns:

I am a prisoner who is presently housed in a supermax. I have been here for 12 and a half years and incarcernated for more than two decades - total.

Due to the high cost of collect phone calls from prison, I have been unable to phone any of my family for nearly 10 years. The prison in which I am located is in a remote rural area more than 350 miles roundtrip distance from my family, and they are unable to travel that distance as it is too costly. Moreever, the visits, if they were to come, would be via closed circuit video.

The grossly excessive cost of phone calls has played a large(not same word written i cant grasp it) role in the deterioration and outright destruction of the bonds of affection between my family and I throughout the years. I have a daughter who is 37 years old, whose voice I have never heard( nor have I seen her) as a woman. I have many neices and nephews, now in their 20s, who would not recognise the sound of my voice simply because I, nor family, have been able to afford the grossly exorbitant prices that prisoners and their families must pay the phone service rackets for collect calling. There needs to be some type of regulation of these exploitative prices. Thank you


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Cursed8Blessed Posted 9¬†years, 8¬†months ago. ✓ Mailed 9¬†years, 8¬†months ago   Favorite
Shalom brutha laron its me brihon i got your latest letter this morning to mi new place plus 4 letters i pick up yesterday from da Y is so good to hear from you sorry i is still have few issues bit weak health sometimes please keep pray for me including that i get mi head bit more sorted can write back quicker and better. i hope maybe in your new place can sort something cheaper about these phone calls how these ppl is try isolate you when allah is want you be in touch with yuour kin. i cud be your long lost not so direct kin too for all we know same as i think i got somee in Ghana is only 5 degrees of seperation i hear, maybe is like the other side of the 5 piliars or pi lairs cant mind the spelling but u know what i mean of Islam. i see all these cards here can buy to ring abroad the african countries is so expensive the most is like 38p a minute when a lot of the ppl here form those places probably dont have much money is expensive here, still racism makes hard to get a job, lot of the african homeland countries still got poverty issues a lot of that being directly connected to these temporary leaders running our countrys where we live, i hear a change is gwan come aint just a otis redding song babe. what i said on back that letter they stamped over how u ask is i say i am trying get mi printer so if you or any your comrades in the prison cells within the prison matrix is need stuff insha allah i getting more sorted can do that for you. i hear u say u heart or soul was dictate u shud write me agian is that like that charlie chaplin i know its likely good aint no great dictator like these nazi politrickians lol. mi heart is dictating i shud try use these fast typing skills the catholic skool taught me for better purposes. i was say last night on youtube that cracker has banned me from ewn after answer some mi comments try make me look crazy then scared to answer him typical cointelpro shennagigans, i said i hope that money i donated while mi comraid la ron and mi fam in ghana is going without is not really do with this nwo of slavery and facism but either to free slaves i read some interesting stuff in quran...or else this man heitz who used to comment who is saint type like you maybe me too now is gwan take over i comment before when he was seem bit down by how his comments read i felt moved to comfort him tell him some jokes bit ironic priestSnake brutha laughter the pharisee gwan get a different type of Slaughter from ALlah he dont wind his neck in...i said befgore i cud hear heitz real lion of judah roar from here, he in the us of a same as u fam,

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9¬†years, 8¬†months ago. ✓ Mailed 9¬†years, 8¬†months ago   Favorite
i said on line last night to the lojs counterfeit organisaiton i not banned from there for some reason, that if not maybe i pay it and pharisse is still allowed call for donations to lojs cos heitz is taking over i cud get a new job be his typist secratary type if i play mi cards rite. i getting some of the good bits of this book of Job story got some mi old stuff drop off yesterday including printer some books about black panthers mi copy of revolutionary suicide, seize the time and other books. slowly starting to feel less isolated too but also enjoying more spend time on mi own if is not forever is help me know myself get closer to ALlah in good and bad situations i learn lot from you how you is stand strong in babylon depsite much tribuations. who is babylon sometimes mi cat says they took mary magdalene twisted it make out its her when aint quite the same at all...i hear i cud be moving to ghana early next year,hope so else us of a i wud realy like come too see you and others...opnly jah jah know...i hope mi cat oscar bageera comes wat the cointelpro cia pet division is hating on him acting like he some kind of terrorist when he all about peace and love these days tho knows self defence is no offfence if u wanna live that for real...maybe they be so glad to see the back of him they give him a few leaving presents...i gwan try write today even if only a bit try write some how u ask about mental illess. i was think of doing a shaman course actualy is a woman in us of a i like i emailed her few times a year or two ago was helpful. i hear how u say abouttry do a course . i not so good in mi head still sometimes but is good i feel like jah is show me lots of stuff but mi mind races so fast hard to comprehend or write it down if i cud pick me pen up muur it be cushty i hear its miter dan the sword...i wouldnt mind both i like two swords as well like an islamic ninja swordman phantasy ficiton maybe but not as bad as some these religous ppl at least i let them know i officially crazy these ppl try pretend they sane or else just dont realsie they crazy, bless them. that course is only cost about 80 quid i cud probably afford it if i was bit more carefull with mi money some weeks. i ordered a next copy that mind manipulator book after read letters from y i order yesterday online but think is post from uk. i wish was way i cud put phone credit for you i check that site again is not if i have enuf this week i gwn try buy some of those pre stamp enevelopes so u can more easily write your close relatives and comrades u have in us of a. if not i try mi hardest to remember wen i next get paid a week monday. if u need any other little things like notepads they do pens and stuff i dont know about art stuff i wonder if they sent u a catologue or is just an online catologue i gwan look again later try work it out i coulndt understand how it meant that last time and mi computer dont last long before messes up and i shut it down a while. Jah Bless keep da faith

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9¬†years, 1¬†month ago. ✓ Mailed 9¬†years, 1¬†month ago   Favorite
Shalom Bruthah LaRon please forgive me i not been writing you as much as i wud like to really i wont go into reasons and excuses i know you is aware of mi issues and stuff. i is post a little letter to you yeserday 02/05/2013 i have a nice card i have got for u i know u say before not waste like money on cards n stuff itts this deut28 cursei keep thinking i gwan die soon now i more like sage commander art of war whether life or death so called hard tell whats what is this reflection world or if in heaven or down in hell levels like KinG Solomon and Davit is no big drama really if Jah is for us. is cos your is in hospital i really hope you hand is healing its terrible they not give medical treatment they gwan regret tht same as these enemy combatant terrorist laws they set up they the muthafeckahs fighting against Jah and humanitys/djinns/animals/all life forms not us they keep this up i think tecs lyric they be answer to armageddon they scripted cud be happening sooner rather than later but no man know hour but Father/Abba. is cos u is in hospital without uyur radio and things like get well card also for Baha'i festival not sure if thats still on i may look online later copy and paste bit do with it here but i cant promise lol i cud forget or get tired. i did print off some photos for you i will post in card later today. i start mi new course at recovery college is called telling your story. i went open day with mi social worker think was mi new one Davina shes cool shes black i did confess to her i was involved somehow in the black illuminati zionist fascists a while she seems ok with that i was just bit confused thougth they was really for Jah like how say. i been plan read some your letters on mi nvideo channel i not got direct answer if is ok same as about photo but i feel Holy Spirit tell me just go ahead sometiems so i do . i sure if not u wud forgive me like u say ALlah is forgivng and understanding of the mentally ill and souljahs of allah too like u i sure wud be same. even i am becomign like that. i is comment on some couple videos do with Noble Drew Ali i like learn more about HIm. \I so grateful u introducted me to stuff about that sent me the printouts. esp how u told me is count the irish and like i said lot of these pale english is irish too just dont realise it if ALlah not put you in or back in mi life i wud been all hung up on carnality of too obseesed with skin colour cover and not whats inside. i know idiots like tireo who seems possibly be confessing backwards eg projecting his insecurites on other people opposite of what Tec say to not do that but how he seems think carnality is like Jah not allow ppl blaze marijuna or have oral sex thaats just his jealous hatred cant handle holy herb cos hes too overcome by evil and cant keep his woman saisfied so takes it out on other people

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9¬†years, 1¬†month ago. ✓ Mailed 9¬†years, 1¬†month ago   Favorite
instead get some type of psychotherapy/shaman help tru Jah real people. i have received 3 maybe 4 of the blue crayon letters form your hospital bed or whatever now plus one unsigned typed missive that i found very interesting i was bit mystified by the somewhat abrupt and sudden ending and not exactly sure sometiems who sent it but i still trying contemplate on that...:-) sabbath tonight i be getting high listening hip hop maybe go down park check the stars see if they aligned yet how i hear tec say when it is tho his body is weaking his spirit is fine ready to go to war with devils at the drop of a dime...i dropped a dime i not sure what a dime is but i dropped some money in a lebanese halal kebab place in kingston other week i felt like Jah was say just leave it so i did i like pay charity chi riteY(ew) when i can maybe is some mi bruthahs coming up from the cave i meant be sirus dog in i not idea most of time how long we been there who i am how to get back or how many of us was there if i was there before i jsut hope SoS Khat agent Oscar Bageera get come back if i find mi way if i dont and mi bruthahs come up cud be i found a nice place for them to eat. had a nice halal sign similar one do with Orion B. i just relaised when mi starry plough flag banner fell down from where i had it hanging on a hook from mi window like tec say hanging your flag out your project window while govt try kill you or osmething...i don know if he took over usa govt yet i really hope he aint trying kill me if he has....i remember i was n a palestine demo once i come back i had 2 those starry plough flags do with james connolly irish citizen army i sure u know what we made protect ourselves against fascist coppers who dont want serve protect themselves their own fam and all peoples

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9¬†years, 1¬†month ago. ✓ Mailed 9¬†years, 1¬†month ago   Favorite
but serve and protect fascists i sure lot of them is waking up now they cant protect them against Allah and their govts cant help them against Jah wraft either. i sure Jah raft is big enuf fit more than 144,000 people on Jah only has to say Bee and it is can just magnify it or something Allah knows i dont. anyway on way home they was do the stuff on the underground railway speakers watch out for terrorists trying insinsuite is like real muslims leaving bombs in bins so like a few times i done it i look at the cctv camera say is this some kind of coded govt warning are u terrorists in our govts planning a next 7/7 or 9/11 blame it on Islam and stuff. when i got off train later i noticed i had lost mi flag. i hope that grotz utube channel aint got it tried set up a false flag terror alert way he harps on about Quezecoytal being a terrorist evil clown joker and never mentions Jesus is black and he is waiting for his jesus come rescue him from the new 5th age of freedom or whatever is probably trying stitch me up same as bageera seems to have been like the real black panthers and hes on ly a kitti khat wel i think he shapeshifts see a big panther in the shadows cud be a Jag i aint good as seeing as long as is friend from Jah is all welcome....

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9¬†years, 1¬†month ago. ✓ Mailed 9¬†years, 1¬†month ago   Favorite
i sent 2 dicionarys is also therasus on that site if u or Jesse or anyone needed i sent Jesse also i think was either that somalian rose prayer oil and/or stamped envelopes i cant remember offhand tho sorry i hope that is ok i had bit spare change so thought maybe Jah is put like extra opportunity for me to do that easy and not waste it donate on fake cats want use it towards new age of worse slavery. Wish u were here babe...aint just a pink floyd song.....Shine on u crazy diamond be mani D....miss u and love u comrade Jah light continue bless guide and protect u insha am ballah we be meet up closer one day....Tiochardi Ar La....X

prisonactionnews Posted 5¬†years, 10¬†months ago. ✓ Mailed 5¬†years, 9¬†months ago   Favorite
Hi, LaRon

I am writing to let you know about Prison Action News, a biannual journal of prisoners' stories of resistance to incarceration. Written by prisoners and edited and distributed by outside volunteers, PAN has about 1,600 incarcerated subscribers across the US. It is a great outlet to both read and publish stories about fighting exorbitant phone prices, or any other oppressive aspect of prison life. If you would like to subscribe to PAN, write to:

PO Box 832
Watertown, MA 02472

We will print and mail your reply by . Guidelines

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