June 18, 2012
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La Ron McKinley Bey
WSPF P.O. Box 9900
Bescobel Wisconsin 53805
June 11, 2012

To Allied Media Conference:

Among the most pressing issues that I think should be addressed and made an issue to media coverage are: 1) the psychological experimentation conducted againgst/upon many prisoners across Amourica, primarily, but not limited to, in superdark(sp?) and central unit prisons. Various forms of brainwashing under the false guise of "behaviour modifications" are being experimented with daily in their facilities. I myself have been the subject of several such FORCED experiments. Anyone interested to know more about my story should contact me. 2) there should be more proaction towards laws that provide elderly prisoners (those 50yrs or older who have served 15 or more years) to earn redemptive release by the sentencing court upon completion of intense rehabilitation courses administered by victims of crime and their families. For more info on this please contact me. 3) the support that i need that i am not getting is help with photocopying, typing, postal costs and supportive friends to let prison officials know that they are being scrutinized. 4) media should link with the small hardcore of national prison rights activists. they know the best use of media. sincerely La Ron McKinley Bey


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Brihon-Ruti-Binghi Posted 9 years, 10 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 9 months ago   Favorite
Shalom comrade laron i dont have any money post a letter to you until next monday unless something comes up in the meantime but den i be writing hopefully send some more stuff do with that book about all this mind control i can print some more off maybe buy the book. i received your letter yeah is hard now to exchange quids for dollars have to have a minimum amount plus is charge an extra fee and i got limited amount income still on govt benefits lucky i certified crazy get double bubble at least so i aint complaining just hard sometimes fathom best way use it is meant for use of Allah cause i will be able order that radio online i hope thx for send how to bit mad u in jail i got the internet access more but u is help me do that but we all got roles to play link them up is like get whole big picture i get same probs if need payback funds to Ghana mi orphan adopted sista and fam i like help support cos is support me heaps but i heard rumour Western Union scam robbers be took over by Wu Tang soon i shud be careful check if its true first you know some of these rumours can spread like wildfire but sounds more likely than this pharisee kingdom of slavery no jokes music or djinn i no idea what solomon he follow must be mate of his white jesus he big up sum cointelpro jesus in da bible turn brutha against brutha invade lands and kill ppl just take womans is bad enuf but in the name of rastafari too hes on a one way ticket if he dont repent and he aint going to Haile i wouldnt have thought maybe somewhere similar sound like cockney rhyming slang..mi khat say cheers for confirm cia have list of all ppl tried to take a stand against criminal in actions tyranny lucky this mind reading stuff too cos i bet lot us wanted do more but they had us too messed up on their drugs and invisible negative energy weapons intefer with our vibe...i saw on wakeupprojectr near da end satan is just set this up for Yehoshuwa to overtake hopefully this is so Jah is know whos who i sure He does anyway maybe is more reasurance for us is kingdom inside too like u say in midst of us also lucky i read in quran even if just think or intend do something but dont work out gets reward. i feel bad not done much good deeds i wake up sometimes thinking i done some in my sleep. i thik my cat had a nightmare the othernight the cia had turned him into a sleeping policeman assasin he woke up at battersea dogs home with a sirius dog he used to know scared he been sent to kill him mi cat was scared too and confused cos is a comrade of lion of judah tho not a black panther like him he down with all cool cats he finally worked it out the cia had been read his thoughts backwards they were just being used and had secrectly in derision by jAH to help him fulfill oscar bageera purpose break his canine friend outda jail...stay bless fam One Love.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Shalom mi brutha in Kristos i hopi u got the radio by now sorry is not one u asked for i was lucky find the site u mention but they not have that one i just got the best one avaiable if not ok will have try sort it diff. if they have a way on there a week monday when i get paid again from Jah tru the govt benefit system to get phone credit i will sort that too thx for let me know about that site is brilliant. i will try write soon and also send leaflet back. i ordered that book of amazon sent to frank but he say dont think can take to you i say if knows someone else or is useful to himself to do that instead . if u know if they will let u have it i can get a next copy next week lol and send it direct prison via amazon. i got sent a dictionary definition of coercion is remind me what you are going tru worse inside the prison inside the matrix and me to lesser degrees but same kind of stuff i gwan copy and paste some of it here. hope u got that bit from christian science magazine i saw some interesting syncs about that. also mi cat is found is back from ny was found on post office roof i was jesting earlier in the week on youtube next time he come back black and white like postman pats cat he still black tho. wen i was in post office post mi latest letter it was empty, unusal, i remark to the girl behind the counter who is cool she say been like that all day, i joked maybe HIM is set up real royal ray-el p.o. den stamp price was 3.33. ethiopian fidel 33 degree fidel i not sure if they trying mess with that in bully boys teacher language book is got 8 not 7 sometimes like brutha tec say 33 degree and a little something go home and figure it out motherfu**A! this cia diregnosis script continues to flick insha Ala. stay bless One Love fam.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Coercion is defined by the American
Heritage Dictionary as:
1. To force to act or think in a certain
2. To dominate, restrain, or control by
3. To bring about by force.
Coercive psychological systems are
behavioral change programs which
use psychological force in a coercive
way to cause the learning and
adoption of an ideology or designated
set of beliefs, ideas, attitudes, or
behaviors. The essential strategy used
by the operators of these programs is
to systematically select, sequence and
coordinate many different types of
coercive influence, anxiety and stress-
producing tactics over continuous
periods of time.
In such a program the subject is
forced to adapt in a series of tiny
"invisible" steps. Each tiny step is
designed to be sufficiently small so
the subjects will not notice the
changes in themselves or identify the
coercive nature of the processes being
used. The subjects of these tactics do
not become aware of the hidden
organizational purpose of the coercive
psychological program until much
later, if ever. These tactics are usually
applied in a group setting by well
intentioned but deceived "friends and
allies" of the victim. This keeps the
victim from putting up the ego
defenses we normally maintain in
known adversarial situations.
The coercive psychological influence
of these programs aim to overcome
the individual's critical thinking abilities
and free will - apart from any appeal
to informed judgment. Victims
gradually lose their ability to make
independent decisions and exercise
informed consent. Their critical
thinking, defenses, cognitive
processes, values, ideas, attitudes,
conduct and ability to reason are
undermined by a technological
process rather than by meaningful
free choice, rationality, or the inherent
merit or value of the ideas or
propositions being presented.
How Do They Work?
The tactics used to create undue
psychological and social influence,
often by means involving anxiety and
stress, fall into seven main categories.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Increase suggestibility and "soften
up" the individual through specific
hypnotic or other suggestibility-
increasing techniques such
as:Extended audio, visual, verbal, or
tactile fixation drills, Excessive exact
repetition of routine activities, Sleep
restriction and/or Nutritional
Establish control over the person's
social environment, time and
sources of social support by a
system of often-excessive rewards
and punishments. Social isolation is
promoted. Contact with family and
friends is abridged, as is contact with
persons who do not share group-
approved attitudes. Economic and
other dependence on the group is
Prohibit disconfirming information
and non supporting opinions in
group communication. Rules exist
about permissible topics to discuss
with outsiders. Communication is
highly controlled. An "in-group"
language is usually constructed.
Make the person re-evaluate the
most central aspects of his or her
experience of self and prior conduct
in negative ways. Efforts are designed
to destabilize and undermine the
subject's basic consciousness, reality
awareness, world view, emotional
control and defense mechanisms. The
subject is guided to reinterpret his or
her life's history and adopt a new
version of causality.
Create a sense of powerlessness by
subjecting the person to intense and
frequent actions and situations which
undermine the person's confidence in
himself and his judgment.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Create strong aversive emotional
arousals in the subject by use of
nonphysical punishments such as
intense humiliation, loss of privilege,
social isolation, social status changes,
intense guilt, anxiety, manipulation
and other techniques.
Intimidate the person with the force
of group-sanctioned secular
psychological threats. For example, it
may be suggested or implied that
failure to adopt the approved attitude,
belief or consequent behavior will
lead to severe punishment or dire
consequences such as physical or
mental illness, the reappearance of a
prior physical illness, drug
dependence, economic collapse,
social failure, divorce, disintegration,
failure to find a mate, etc.
These tactics of psychological force
are applied to such a severe degree
that the individual's capacity to make
informed or free choices becomes
inhibited. The victims become unable
to make the normal, wise or balanced
decisions which they most likely or
normally would have made, had they
not been unknowingly manipulated
by these coordinated technical
processes. The cumulative effect of
these processes can be an even more
effective form of undue influence than
pain, torture, drugs or the use of
physical force and physical and legal
How does Coercive Psychological
Persuasion Differ from Other Kinds
of Influence?
Coercive psychological systems are
distinguished from benign social
learning or peaceful persuasion by the
specific conditions under which they
are conducted. These conditions
include the type and number of
coercive psychological tactics used,
the severity of environmental and
interpersonal manipulation, and the
amount of psychological force
employed to suppress particular
unwanted behaviors and to train
desired behaviors.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Coercive force is traditionally
visualized in physical terms. In this
form it is easily definable, clear-cut
and unambiguous. Coercive
psychological force unfortunately has
not been so easy to see and define.
The law has been ahead of the
physical sciences in that it has allowed
that coercion need not involve
physical force. It has recognized that
an individual can be threatened and
coerced psychologically by what he or
she perceives to be dangerous, not
necessarily by that which is
Law has recognized that even the
threatened action need not be
physical. Threats of economic loss,
social ostracism and ridicule, among
other things, are all recognized by
law, in varying contexts, as coercive
psychological forces.
Why are Coercive Psychological
Systems Harmful?
Coercive psychological systems violate
our most fundamental concepts of
basic human rights. They violate rights
of individuals that are guaranteed by
the First Amendment to the United
States Constitution and affirmed by
many declarations of principle
By confusing, intimidating and
silencing their victims, those who
profit from these systems evade
exposure and prosecution for actions
recognized as harmful and which are
illegal in most countries such as:
fraud, false imprisonment, undue
influence, involuntary servitude,
intentional infliction of emotional
distress, outrageous conduct and
other tortuous acts.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
HiyaBrutah is michelle i found some stuff on this site i not read all of it yet wen i try too i cant concentrate as it is then these cia or whatever mind control reading fiends is hit me with their sonic sound weapons i can hear it mi head but also sometimes when target mi computer equipemtn others can hear it i meant send u thing how they using the tv signals also to mind control everyone they must been doing it ages how most ppl think these govts are their friends...they be trying do this to them too if they cant slave control them but for they they seem be target ones like us who is trying hear Jah call us awake to truth...i gonna just copy and paste some here babe im pretty tired gonna go pray mi pslams pray Jah turn wraft on those who aint called on His name or worse those haters of Jah and humanity who take His name in vain....i gonna try get letter in post to u tomorrow i took something back shop bought on mi card just waiting refund come tru ....i pray for you and all our bretrhen and those who seek Jah locked up is get free real soon and i know nothing is impossible with ALlah where theres a Will theres a way Let Our Father Will in heaven be done on earths and all places...Jah light bless guide and protect you moor always....i love u brethren i glad u so strong to encourage me

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
As a targeted individual, I am subject to remote neural electromagnetic torture 24/7/367.
Along with the voices telling me to kill myself, the stress, the programming (subliminal) the manipulation of my emotions, thoughts, reason, health, in fact most everything that makes me human is under assault by the “watchers”, the evil group that is carrying out these murderous deeds against humanity.
And as if that was not bad enough, I HAVE A LOUD, PAINFUL HIGH-FREQUENCY ‘SOUND’ being BEAMED INSIDE my BRAIN, BYPASSING my EARS & NORMAL ‘HEARING’ & being picked up as a NERVE SIGNAL in the part of my BRAIN that DECODES HEARING.
This “SOUND” CAN NOT BE BLOCKED OUT! Using earplugs or putting fingers in your ears WILL NOT WORK because the ‘SOUND’ IS not THE RESULT OF MOVING AIR.
The ‘SOUND’ I ‘hear’ may well be resulting from the ‘MICROWAVE HEARING EFFECT” where pulsed microwave electromagnetic radiation causes rapid heating & thus expansion of the parts in the ear causing a ‘CLICK’ to be ‘heard’. The rapidly repeated pulses of microwave radiation heating & cooling the sensitive mechanisms in the human ear is perceived as ‘sound’.
Either that or something even more advanced & sinister. Perhaps direct stimulation of the neurons in the section of the brain that converts the electrical impulses produced in the ear & sent over the nerves to the perception of sound in the brain.
Yes, once the patterns of input stimulation were mapped to neuronal firing in the brain by artificial intelligence running on super or even quantum computer platforms via FMRI or near infra-red imaging, etc, then direct to brain radio communication becomes a reality.
I am living proof of what happens when evil people get control of technology that, if used for GOOD INSTEAD OF EVIL, could make the world a better place for many, many people who suffer today.
I wanted to make a simulation of the remote neural high frequency attack torture that started several years ago, & that I am subjected to constantly to varying degrees. A demonstration where the viewer could FEEL & HEAR the sound as loudly as I do as well.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
The attack ‘sound’ I perceive seems centered around approx. 10,000 HTZ.
I used two oscillators to produce the simulation sound.
They were offset in frequency from each other by approx 100htz and were centered around approx. 5700 HTZ. Using two de-tuned oscillators caused a beat frequency, or a varying resulting tone, because of the destructive & constructive interference of the two sound sources as they bounce around the room, then combine in the microphone.
I also moved the sources about during recording to achieve a change in phase as well as fluctuations in tone.
I decided to base the simulation on a lower frequency tone that changed in pitch, tone, & phase for several reasons:
1.) As we get older, many people loose the ability to ‘hear’ higher frequency tones to varying degrees.
2.) different devices have varying ability to accurately record & reproduce these tones.
3.) RESONANCE occurs when a sound (kinetic energy through a medium) creates standing waves that reinforce(add) based on the size of the resonant cavity(ear/skull). Because everyone’s head/skull shape/size/volume/density varies, one is more likely to effectively ‘ring’ the natural ‘resonant frequency’ of the human ear/skull, thus giving a better chance of a wider range of listeners hearing high frequency resonance.

I speak about the effects of the attacks, the politics of EVIL, frequency range of human hearing, theories on the technology used, microwave hearing, mental & physical health effects, MORGELLONS nano-machine bio-weapon technology function, form, & effects, building semiconductor parts in the human body, adrenal burnout, depopulation, the system, cultists, the state of the world and my understanding of it, personal & global existentialism, the experience of discovering you have been used for trauma based human experimentation since birth, doctors, conspiracy, control, corruption, revolution, change, hopes & hopelessness, catholic charities, adoption, Freemasons, adoption, social responsibility, emotions, & more.

Tags: Timothytrespas, TARGETED INDIVIDUAL, TESTIMONY, mind control, morgellons, nanotechnology, torture, Illuminati, alien, SHTF, NWO, depopulation, torture, conspiracy, Mk-ultra, insects, infection, vector, pandemic, bio-weapon, holocaust, LSD, holocaust, gangstalking, LSD, gas-lighting, slander, sabotage, cointelpro, NSA, darpa, satellite, microwave, v2k, microwave hearing, voice to skull,remote neural,
Thank you for your interest and time.
Blessings and peace.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
Shalom Bruthah LaROn is sunday now 05/05/13 i jut making some breakfast i feel guided eat more next few days put on bit more weight plus i hoping continue get backinto exercising. i is thinking to go to SLigo too i get paid a week tomorrow i gwan look later in week see if i can book something up. i had a dream before i was in belfast also one in dublin i think i will try to find them this week i got journals everywhere but i did manage sort mi bookshelf and that last night still got more to do. i plan also find some of those papers u sent like Noble Drew Ali 'death certificate' of tuberculosis i agree how u say even tho i only jus start learn about him that wud rather die 1000 deaths than desert his people....i met this morocaan man is cleaner at hostel i used be at on bus other day by coincidence was same day i happen hear on radio news the U.A.E> head is over to visit this fake queen in uk. mi moroccan i was chatting is say he been sligo 5 times. i think he said he was a juggler...hmmm i thought about run away join circus a few times myself...i need get some skills i like clown around have alaugh...i met lady from ireland yesterday call Francis she is like Jesus and stuff sees it a bit like me like we agreed aint just the 6 counties under forgeign occupation now or then i guess just didnt realise....i may go church at ymca later i was half think go into kingston if i can find the ting is some of these falun gong ones chinese ones is persecuted by their terrorist loving govt tortured organs stolen etc...is do a thing similar to tai chi maybe i mind how u say before i shud consider do that now i get idea i dont have do no more like undercover spy stuff even tho i feel weakened still from that last fiasco n got wrong type vampire blud or whatever in me i sure dat fabian will end up worse off i already stil survivng the effects of years of abuse of drugs and health and i am with HIM and Yashua not jus making it up. i is post a card to you later today with 14 photos in jus trying find pen dat works on back of some of them....i think i heard this new pope is call francis....

Cursed8Blessed Posted 9 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
if hes a nonce i wud rather have pape le pew i dont know how spel it bt was a cartoon mi bf francis or frank the rat used be called aslo that i went to spain with too is used joke about this pape la peu....i think how this thegrotz1 is trying stitch up quezecoytal as a terrorist cud been when i lost mi starry plough banner flag on way back from london one time i think was same night when they was as usual go on the underground railway speakers about watch out for left luggage dropping their illuminati codes trying stitch up muslims for terrorists again or whatever i go to the cctv say is this some kind of warning u cia and usa uk and most all other govts to a lesser etent is planning some more terrorism like u did 7/7 9/11 and way back before.....then i lost the flag...false flag operations...i had 2 found the other one few weeks ago hanged it on mi window how tec say they trying kill us while we hanging our flag out the project windows i think this usa flag is a different one than menat to be before whatever i for james connolly irish citizen army was created when fascist cops try beat us up and kill us for striking and stuff against fascist capitalists...i sure Orion is down with it too may be jamaican but we international...intergalactic too no doubt....i see this week torah is called baha something too i been learning bit about this baha'i islam had festival last week ridvan...red van.....redder than red by propet bob marley is a good song...red man tec too tho is still somalian.....i more like soma or girlfriend in a coma douglas copeland book but even i waking up muur all da time dont want do it too quick i stil bit connected to the wrong side but like u say and i agree i getting closer to u and mi real ones ...Allah bless and protect u insha allah we be meet more One day....

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