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It occurred to me after my most recent past that I may not have sufficiently answered the question as to what behaviours are the officials trying to modify in these state-of-the-art supermax-like facilities?
Speaking of my own direct experiences I have had the following aspects or facets of my life attacked, in some instances quite intensely, by use of aversive technoques, in particular aversion theraphy and classical conditioning :a) a loving relationship between I and a lady friend; she is of another nationality and race, b) the solidarity between my coreligious confederates and I. Note: to break or undermine all "emotional supports" is a key brainwashing/behavioral change tactic; c) my religious and ideological beliefs, including my political beliefs. d) my propensity to challenge illegal prison conditions through litigation, and e) a propensity to sometimes confront and stand-up to authority, sometimes through use of violence.
I know of other prisoners who have similarly had their political, religious and ideological beliefs and personal relationships attacked through aversive techniques. The majority are either in the federal or other state prisons. I am able to illustrate and explain some of the above methods used upon me if there is enough interest. I should also mention that the officials have been using reflex conditioning to attack me in a sexual way, as outlandish as it may sound as with all of the above, its all true.

Dated May 2nd, 2013 Peace and Love
LaRon McKinley Bey


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Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.Shalom ala makem COmrade LaROn i hope noone is intefere how i transcribed it i just like make you aware i is transcribe a next prisoners blog soul survivor from alabama name of Jermimiah he is sound real cool is reply me but one reply i read yesterday he ask me not to change his blogs post. i is try explain the situation to him and also apologise if how i was joking around about escape plans is bring the screws on his worse is not my intention more the opposite.
Yeah i can relate to a lot of what you write personally myself sometimes its like im in some freer prison reflecting you or something and i see others around me too how you say about them trying modify your sexual behaviour or whatever sorry i not on page now to read again reminds me how theheitz one i like on utube is vex me when the pharisee not stick up for him and was going tru much tribuations. he has some good videos say how he is also diregnosis schitzophrenic like me and how is get wierd stuff in his head sexual type but more than that is ike they target his girlfriends and stuff try make out like is a rapist or dangerous. i think one of these spirits on me is how i am somehow reserect from underworld how Jah like Osiris is help me up from lower levels of hell mindstate like david in pslams, one of these ones may have beena rapist bfore but is really nice and trusthworthy is how i feel it. i think some of the other bruthahs around on the youtube and in person around me is more the opposite done a lot of wrong shit dont want faceu p to it is try project their crimes onto others. i have had similar stuff in mi mind wierd sexual fantasie type stuff is not like how i was before is like they tryuing impose other thoughts on me. also the racism i relate to. i only got caught up in this black hebrew israelite wrong type of black supremacy cos i thought was do with the Black CHrist but same as us Our Master and Bruthah and His twin flame Mary Magdalena is not down for racists. i hope some of these ones is see how i is pale but i still allowed myself get deceived by that i aint hating on satan i is pray for satan before i still do a bit and pray that satan is become a clearer enemy to US and how quran say end of day satan is want be back with ALlah i believe it i saw on wake up project satan is just set this up for the Kings return. maybe the time got a bit twisted or something only ALLAH knows but all things turn to benefit of them who love Creator and perserverse in seeking truth. I saw my friend Orion today was so nice to see him

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
he is black jamaican he is not care how i am in this body i used feel real ugly and dirty before i not feel like that when i see him i is feel like pure i know is cos is with Jah. i wud rather see him occasionally or even see my cat Sos Agent Bageera obviously we have a different relationship hes a cat!!! i confess i was thinking the other day be cool to have cat sex with him but i meant if i was in a cat form too lol maybe we cud have different colour cat coats like a black panther or jaguar and a lepoard for example....i aint want get too much delusions of granduer say i want wear the lions coat i just want follow Top Cat Lion of Yuhudah. I dont have much spare time to socialise on account of these tribulatons i so grateful i am not locked up in hand of enemy like you but Jah is put me in large room i get idea i move around and is good idea i still bit blind sometimes cos i aint as strong as you or maybe i am gonna be strong like in a different way to compliment your strenghts not like as a counterfeit more a counterpart. I is happy with it i prefer spend my time learn more about ALLAH and myself how NOble Drew Al teaches us know thy self first overcome thy lower self. I wud rather spend my time also when i is getting weller in mi mind to write to you and stuff try be there for the people that is there for me i so grateful for you help i agree how you say ALlah is put us in each other lifes at right time to help each other.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
I am still feel bit weakened but i just tryuing relax eat better i be investing more money in my health now but when i didnt do that i still got lot better than people i see who did spend laods on health products but didnt bother ask Jah cleanse their hearts and plus paying zakar charity financial solidarity even all the money i wasted on fake charitys slavery funds lying is for freedom like we all deluded by 1984. cant fool all of the people all of the time. is fool me sometiems but Jah open mueyes i all over the place fragmented but seems is turn to my advantage. i hope also send 50 quid to you before or during ramadan for snacks or whatever canteen money for youse in jail i be praying this stuff on mi feet i feel is do wih joseph taking over the prison i aint wanting take over to do nazi experiemtns or have any slaves either but i trust you is aware of that hey fam...:-)more the opposite kind of thing. i think i cud be in the fucking nonces wing of the 'prison' i hope u remmeber how i say about 777aej video she saying some of us back in prison i was praying i cud help you i hope is connected ot that i aint calling u a nonce either. i think cud maybe be sign in how craig charles the black guy of red dwarf tv show was in brixton prison for rape he said he was innocent stayed in General Population. i wonder if this fake vampire on the utubes craig charles or charles craig i sure name was real similar i wouldnt be surprised he stitched the next guy up.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
he had fb status up said hes the baddest vampire and angels dont need religion i said Yashua Ha Mosiah is the baddest and bestest vampire angel and everything else is KinG off he said nice but didnt seem take me seriously enuf. he was complaining before how he had a boat and someone stole it he had two anyway probalby wasnt using it but still went running to the earth police hes some black jamaican too i aint but i get idea some mi twin bruthah is even before that i knew most of these police aint jamaica ones or anyones real friends. I didnt like the blog post he had either about going with ho's is not the ho shit that offends me its how he said after a while he was sick of brazilian birds its like he thinks this is just some manufacturing sex doll industry and is caught up on fleshy habits in a wrong way like racism and disrespect treating people as chattel and things can buy and sell. i see hes got a product line same as tireo trying be the new jayz and kill the old jayz i more like wanna slay mi bruthah Sirius snake lay not try wipe his name out book of life....:P i not like that fabian also next reason this steve sickamore sick a muur i met is a gypsy roots i think i met him under the bridge in new malden bit like red hot chilli pepper song. i took him back my house he was homeless is end up my boyfriend i thought Jah want me be with him. since i see your photo is look bit like you but different. i real sorry if anything bad has happened cos of that i cant even say if i think is totally real bu i feel so i say only ALlah know for sure always. when i was in london one time for a palestine solidarity demo i stayed out the night met a bruthah from brixton stay at his house on the sofa i had left food for bageera when i got back the cracker aint fed him i was real vexed. other times i praying to allah on mi mate the MF is trying talk to me and stuff disrespect ALlah in the end i got a bit vioilent myself. i hate those who take the HaSHem(s) in vain. after a while the cracker is start hating on me threatning ring the police say i giving him drugs. i gonna finish the res later i bit tired gonna say some pslams maybe chat this oz girl online i met other day on utubve she knows lots about jesus and mary magdalene is gemini 10th day after me is nice have a female to talk too as well. i will put some copy and pastes here i thought u might like. i hope you got the photos and can show the other bruthahs for some increased faith in ALlah power and maybe ask them to please pray for me for their sakes as well as mine bit liek how pslams say about Yerusaluem and let them know i try remember pray for them more when i say your name is for them too i know you is not want leave your fellow souljahs behind me neither. just pray our fathers will be done freedom...OneLove in solidarity your sistah Michelle Brihon awaiting a new name insha allah from first adam redemned tribal nations peoples get tru great tribulations all praises to SOurce.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
New Discovery Supports Belief That
Ark Of The Covenant Is In Yemen
Five lines of ancient script on a shard of pottery could be the oldest example of Hebrew writing ever discovered, an archaeologist in Israel says.

November 1, 2008 -- The shard [right] was found by a teenage volunteer during a dig about 20km (12 miles) south-west of Jerusalem. It contains symbols believed to be that of an ancient alphabet called proto-Canaanite or First Tongue.

Experts at Hebrew University said dating showed it was written 3,000 years ago - about 1,000 years earlier than the Dead Sea Scrolls. This era roughly corresponds to the time of the First Temple, ruled by the biblical figures of David and Solomon and may predate the time this same alphabet was being used by the Queen of Sheba (allegedly wed to Solomon) in what is now Yemen.

Scripts in Yemen appear to be written in this same alphabet and translations, using ancient Hebrew, describe the burial of the Ark of Moses at a site near Mareb -- in the ancient kingdom of Saba.

Scientists caution that further study is needed to understand this.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
Above: proto-Canaanite alphabet used by Gary Vey and John McGovern in their global research with this ancient language (aka: "First Tongue" and "Old Negev").

The use of this language in early Hebrew history would explain why the same language was used in the ancient kingdom of Saba (Sheba). In legend and in the Holy Quaran, it is suggested that the Queen Sheba was invited to visit King Solomon, at which time they wed and had a son, Menelik. Further research by Gary Vey and John McGovern has shown that the recently uncovered palace of the Queen, in Mareb, Yemen, bares inscriptions in the same alphabet that describe the relocation of the famed Ark of the Covenant to the site by Solomon's son following the destruction of Jerusalem. Both Vey and McGovern believe it remains there today.The elaborate dam-wall was constructed to hide and protect a chamber where the Ark was buried, along with Solomon and Sheba's son, Menelik, until such time as "friendly nations" were overhead.

The archaeological site is located in Mareb, Yemen, in what is known as the "empty quarter." This is a very dry and desolate environment with sand dunes and kilometers of empty space. As the wind moved the dunes, Bedouins would get momentary glimpses of buried foudations and walls, only to have them covered again by time and more sand. Rumors of a large wall led archaeologists to uncover a huge complex which has become the most secret site in the mid-East. A large stone wall some 60 feet high and 15 feet thick forms an oval that protects a large courtyard which has yet to be excavated. On the wall there was a stream of symbols that could not be translated.

In 2001 a team from the University of Calgary briefly took control of the site and

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
cleared the entire wall of sand, revealing the full script. Photographs of the wall made its way to America where Gary Vey, editor of, had been working with the same alphabet for a few years and had successfully translated other examples of the script, found oddly enough in Colorado and the Israeli Negev desert, by using an old Hebrew dialect. The site has been a dangerous extremist outpost since September 2001 and no further work has been done there.

Academics were critical of Vey's work because a similar alphabet had been used in Ethiopia around 500 AD and translated using a form of Arabic. They doubted that Hebrew could be used; however, in 2001 Vey successfully translated portions of the wall's script from photographs (see above)

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
this is mi insertion commentary now just wondering if you got similar train of thought going tru your mnind when you reading this u dont need be a narjavo indian codebreaker nowadys to see some of this hidden in plain sight stuff what with terrorists being labelled freedom fighters and vice versa i aint trying be too cynical or jaded but cant help wondering if by the site has been a dangerous extremist outpost since sept 2011 interesting date btw is mean the opposite has this Vey been mispelt im thinking maybe only ALlah knows how about u Mr Bey wonder what your thinking.....i gwan try print this sometime so u can see the sumbols runes whatever is called alaphet pictures i told orion about that lefeka sedek the naems are arabic and ethiopia like say once upon a time muurs and hebrews was bruthah tribes....maybe the new language will be a amalgamation of the two i back trying learn ethiopian 33 degrel hape fidel like King selaisse I Jesus speak and immortal technique tells to in his songs if i step my game up maybe one day i be a obnoxious muthafuckah runs tru Havanaa yelling viva fidel....i bet somewhere where we dont have all this agitation even tec is lik a gentle pussycat i can hear and feel it i nthe songs just otherside of him even i fee like that sometimes now if we got no enemies is not need no defences way these dumbass illuminati nohopers are going it shud be like that soon everywhere insha allah one day. i is chat mi girl i met online is in oz she is so cool knows loads about Jesus and Mary was spiritual warriors i hoping learn some of that stuff soon she is relate some how i say wat i said earlier on your blog so i hope is cool isent her link maybe she is reply one time too i wud like u say more about that post and pray i get better stay stuff too i will also read it on my utube tomorrow is too late here now not want wake the child moloster or whatever dat cracker is up to cos i hear the babies crying i know is not like here exactly parrallel universe whagever is still got reality is mi own fault when i was watching that tvshow misfits about the 4 youth on community service who get hit by lighting later get superhuru powers the eejit irish guys noone thnks he got one until he wakes up in his coffin seems has power overcome death just wastes it being a bit criminal has few nasty deaths but overcoems.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
i hear arunjuna gets worrid if can go against the dynasty but if Krishan sayus its cool so do i let someone else die nasty for a change liek tec say live for revoluton instead of always dying for it.. i aint even done that that i remember whatever ALlah knows i dont...i was pray also for the power to hear crying children how one o fdhtem had seems to be manifesting is bit of a curse but is turn into a big blessing i remember another character was so sexy she couldnt touch her bf properly incase they blew up or something was a good episode with the irish one bruthah showed up he got off with some girl in her car and it blew up they was like in ghost spirit form or something the irish guy cud see them they said dont panic we happy and having spiritual sex in the afterlife. i just been watching video about the philedelphia expermient i had stop i already feel scattered all over time and space and i hope Osisis is help me get mi act together i probably watch more tomorrow. lady lion is recommed stuart wilde books which teach how deal with land of the dead and get tru to celestial worlds i may see if libarary got them to savce money i cud buy u copies to send if u know about them i try find soem info i can print of the pictures too to send i dont know if will be tomorrow but i try sometime next day or two if i can plus ask someone help me fathom set up the printer maybe get a new laptop cheap if i can so can do more online if mi head can cope better ...stay blessed fam lion of Yuhudah be help us al break free soon i feel....

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
The results revealed a prose describing the "box of El" and spoke about a "son" and "father." Vey later learned this was a reference to the Ark, Solomon and Sheba's son, Menelik, and to the "father" - Solomon himself.

It read as follows:
"...because the Son was aware of the essence that was in him...
"And when the happiness of the Son was poisoned
by the news that his father passing on
the anger lifted when the son was told
the location of the Father's great box of EL.

"And when the happiness of Son was poisoned
by the action of the beautiful Lord's movement
the Son was made happy to swear to protect the box of EL,
and to be associated with the Lord's spirit.

"And his gloom lifted.
The Son constructed a chamber for the beautiful Lord's spirit and covered it up. He accompanied the chamber of the Lord underneath to pray and to gain understanding and to protect..."

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
While traditional archaeologists still attempt to interpret the Yemeni alphabet as an early form of Arabic, this new discovery of an ancient artifact from the same period as the Mareb, Yemen site proves that the alphabet originated as an early writing system for proto-Canaanite, a precursor to Hebrew.

Preliminary investigations since the shard was found in July have deciphered some words, including judge, slave and king, but Vey and McGovern have not been provided clear photographs or copies of the text to translate using their methodology. According to news reports, the actual text has been classified as "secret" by Israeli archaeologists. But they do admit the characters are written in proto-Canaanite, a precursor of the Hebrew alphabet.

Ironically, Vey has created a translation program (HERE) which is open to the public. Says Vey, "History belongs to humanity. Nothing about the past should be secret."

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
This carved stone in the Yemen museum was displayed upside-down. It has been rotated in this image using Photoshop and translated using the ancient form of Hebrew. The translation seems to be part of a larger text describing the burial of Menelik with the Ark and the future conditions that must transpire before the chamber containing both the Ark and Menelik will be opened. Other portions of this prophetic wall have been found where they were removed and used as the foundation of other buildings.

Many texts refer to the "mother" -- the Queen of Sheba herself (whose name is never used) -- and describe her dilema when she was instructed by her son to be buried under the sand for an indefinite length of time to avoid the enemies who had sacked the Temple in Israel (and were headed for Mareb) and future evil nations until such time as the world was ready for peace and love. Texts describe how she initially had the buried chamber constructed in such a way that it could be disassembled quickly to save her son (no mortar). Curiously, the texts describe the installation of a secret "aperature" where she could spy on her son to monitor his safety. It also describes how the chamber remained silent for a long time, how a worm crawled out of it and how she had to decide whether or not to open it prematurely to save her son -- or to have faith in his prophecy that the Ark would preserve him, no matter how long he remanied buried.

In the end the queen opted to have faith and constructed a better, more fortified chamber around the old one, constructed the large wall as a barrier against the possible rupture of the great Mareb Dam (which did actually break and flood the land several times), and then covered and hid the entire structure in sand. She then moved her kingdom to Ethiopia and changed the phonetic values of the language (to Himyaridic) so that the son and the Ark would remain unmolested -- even if ancient artifacts were uncovered. A copy of the Ark (the "box of El") was also constructed as a "red herring" and remains today in Ethiopia.

Cursed8Blessed Posted 7 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
King David

Lead archaeologist Yosef Garfinkel identified it as Hebrew because of a three-letter verb meaning "to do" which he said was only used in Hebrew.

"That leads us to believe that this is Hebrew, and that this is the oldest Hebrew inscription that has been found," he said.

The shard and other artefacts were found at the site of Khirbet Qeiyafa, overlooking the Valley of Elah where the Bible says the Israelite David fought the Philistine giant Goliath.

Mr Garfinkel said the findings could shed significant light on the period of King David's reign.

"The chronology and geography of Khirbet Qeiyafa create a unique meeting point between the mythology, history, historiography and archaeology of King David... The differentiation between the scripts, and between the languages themselves in that period, remains unclear."
But his colleagues at Hebrew University said the Israelites were not the only ones using proto-Canaanite characters, therefore making it difficult to prove it was Hebrew and not a related tongue spoken in the area at the time.

Hebrew University archaeologist Amihai Mazar said the inscription was "very important", as it is the longest proto-Canaanite text ever found. Both Gary Vey and John McGovern, who have spent years locating and translating proto-Canaanite texts (which they call "First Tongue") disagree, citing lengthy scripts on the so-called "Sheba Palace" in Yemen and much older texts elsewhere in the world. Their findings with this ancient script can be found at

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