Nov. 29, 2010
by Opollo Rey Johnson (author's profile)


It is our experience's that make us who we are. In my life, I've had the pleasure of knowing some few good friends, enjoying their company and good times spent together. But unfortunately the lifestyle choices of our sub-culture results in very short life expectancy rates. And truth is, but for prison I might not have been here now. In my reflections I have found growth along with a measure of peace. I am a better person now because I want better, I do better. No longer viewing the world through shades of grey. When one finds that they dislike whom they've become, then that person must honestly say, "this is who I am today, and this is the person I will become..." Effort must then be made to grow. "you must be the change you want to see!" the quote is M. Ghandi, three years ago I happened to come across it. After re-reading over several days, it began to resonate, I realised that I had no need to remain the man that I was. My life would count for something, I refuse to be a waste.

I am happier today, in a lot of ways freer than I've ever been. Supremely aware that out of our darkest moments often the greatest of opportunities present themselves.

Thank you for your positive feedback to know that people read, care, does so much to lift my spirits.

Hello Iru,
I appreciate your questions and insight, I agree with you about the value of friendship, my grandfather used to say that if you make 5 true friends over the course of your life, then you've done well indeed. True friendship means accepting and being accepted for who you are, and supporting your friends in return.

Here in federal prison, we don't have access to the internet but we can send and receive email via corrlines. The computer training program allowed me to earn college credits while learning basic office skills such as; Accounting, Spreadsheets, Computer Applications, along with the Basic Microsoft office suit. Although, it was windows 2003. For many here it is their first real interaction with computers, but it is very useful exposure as today proficiency with technology is a must.

I have vowed that with this blog, all masks are removed. The world has learned to associate only the negative, the very worst with prisoners and prison. And this is my opportunity to show that not everyone is irredeemable. That honesty, trust and friendship still hold value. That humanity extended is humanity cherished.

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kunsal Posted 11 years, 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 3 months ago   Favorite

A lot of what you have written really resonates with me. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.

You wrote about a "sub-culture" in the beginning of this blog post. Can you please elaborate on this? I'm interested in learning more from your perspective.

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