May 20, 2011

The DragonAigoFa Network Movement

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The Dragon Aigota Network Movement The 21st Century is The Chinese Century

Help Us Record it?

On my former college campus at the University of Minnesota I vividly recall two fantastic Chinese restaurants. One was called the Village Wok, the other one was called the Peikieng Garden. What I distinctly remember was not just the quality service and the great food, but how those Chinese entrepreneurs made their restaurants a central place on campus to do important business or go to on important dates.
Chinese immigrants to American and their Chinese American descendants are a great silent force in this country. I think the most important lesson everyone can learn from them is fierce determination and great humility that they exhibit in everyday life.
Do you know any Chinese immigrant entrepreneurs? Or first or second generation Chinese American entrepreneurs? Please share your stories after this blog post. It's very important that we start to record Chinese Excellence and Achievement around the world.
The Dragon Aigota Network Movement is the movement that will record Chinese greatness in the 21st century. We need patriotic, hardworking, ambitious Chinese cultural organizers and cultural volunteers to help us build this historic movement. If you are interested in helping us build this new and historic movement, here is what we need for you to do:

1. Build your own Dragon Aigota Network Movement social media pages, Youtube accounts, blogs, chatrooms, and websites that record and celebrate different groups of Chinese people who have demonstrated excellence and achievement in this country. We only ask that you go to the store and cut and paste the Dragon Aigota Network Movement logo and use it on all of your social media pages and accounts. Please allow our logo to be the symbol of Chinese excellence and achievement in the 21st century. When you design your social media pages, we all ask that you please just concentrate and focus only on positive Chinese accomplishments.

2. Support your new Chinese movement by going to our new Chinese Cultural Luxury Branded Merchandise and Apparel store at and buy some of the new merchandise and apparel. We are going to use the profits from our new store to build local Chinese community websites in every city in every country where there are Chinese people exhibiting excellence and achievement in their lives. So it is very important that you support the movement by buying merchandise and apparel from our new Chinese Cultural Luxury Branded Merchandise and Apparel store at

3. Finally, tell your family and friends about this Dragon Aigota Network Movement, about your new movement to record and celebrate Chinese excellence and achievement in the 21st century around the world. Tell them about the new store. Ask them to support this new movement and build a link to this story. Come back to this blog and post what you have done by clicking the "Your Contributions" button on the menu so that we can catalog who are the brave Chinese patriots, helping us build this movement.

This is a unique opportunity for you to be a part of a worldwide Chinese movement that will unify, inspire and motivate Chinese people all over the world. If you believe in Chinese excellence and Chinese achievement, whit movement is for you. By joining this movement by becoming a cultural organizer or cultural volunteer, you can be a part of 21st-century Chinese history. You can make a difference in the lives of millions of your fellow Chinese countrymen and countrywomen around the world. Build social media pages, go to and buy our new Chinese Cultural Luxury Branded Merchandise and Apparel. Dragon Aigota Network Movement.

Please Type in the following script, along with adding 11 other pages for people to place their contribution to their cultural movement.

Your Contributions
Please list your specific contributors to your cultural movement below. Click your movement name below and then list all of the things that you did that will help contribute to raising the profile of your specific movement. All contributors will be celebrated and posted on their specific culture's "Wall of Founders" pages when we design our website. We need cultural organizers and cultural volunteers to help us build these historic movements. This is your chance to be a part of a historic cultural movement. It is also your chance to make a difference to your culture. Greatness is a choice! It is time for you to be great.
Please click your cultural movement and post what you did and where you posted it.
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Dragon Aigota Network Movement
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