Aug. 23, 2012

What's in a Name

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"What's In a Name" by: Kenny D Wheeler 7/24/1

Virtually every prisoner goes by an alias, or knickname, that was given by their associates, or friends ( a self-given alias is frowned on, usually a "self-given" alias is done by those who are wannabees, or have an identify crisis). The means of acquiring a knickname are quite similar to the way we would name our pets, watching their behaviour, personality, character traits that bring a certain, name or term to mind. This name will stick to the assigned/designated prisoner for the entire duration of their incarceration, whether or not they like the name so designated. You could use your imagination and come up with an name you want, and more than likely, somebodyin prison is answering to it! I have heard names from "Loaf of Bread", to "Cinnamon Roll', from" me. Money to "no money", "Big money" to "til money", "Butt can" to "Dumster", "Playboy" to "Trickster" and it goes on and on. Some names will make you roll your eyes. Some will make you laugh, some will even cause you to do a double take in utter amazement, wondering how thwy had gotten a name lime that! Some names can even become dangerous,as not all show appreciation in the name they've been given! We live in an environment where adaption to constant change is a daily learning process-learning this trait allows some to indetify so personally with their alias they try to bring their persona to life, or it becomes their reality (for example: "Crash Dummy")! Hollywood would have a field day interviewing prisoners, as it's full of actors! I have alot of regard for those who have been able to keep their own indentity, it's hard to do this, I know, I've went by "Outlaw" since it was given to me in 1995, recently shedding it to go by my real name" Why? because I'm no longer an outlaw, I've gvien my life to Christ - no longer a part of a lifestyle that will brng me back. So, what's in a name? It could be everything. Next time you name your pet, take a moment and ask yourself whether someone in prison is answering to the name you've chosen? Chances are you could walk onto any cell block, yell out the name of your beloved pet and someone will answer to it!!

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Stay strong Stay Free !!


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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