Sept. 20, 2012

@Golgotha w/ Javier

From The Sound Mind by Floyd Smith (author's profile)



@Golgotha w/Javier

XZ It's coming up on a new year, this is going in our last issue of 2012 and with that, let me say what an honor it is to be in the presence of another Young Prince of our people, what's up Javi?

JV NG'z rising, hey man, time is kinda flying huh? What, WOD is up to what, 4 issues now?

XZ In fact, this will be number 5, it's a dual issue, 1st half 2012, 2nd have 2013 but it's like an XZYZST Best of feel me, like a review of The New G Movement.

JV You should make the 2nd half upside down.

XZ Yeah huh, like start it over dead center huh.

JV Flip this shit

XZ Knowing Piankhi, he'll probably do it, or I'll put it on the table like that and see what he says. So let everybody know where you was born?

JV Cuba, but I was raised here.

XZ How old was you when you got cracked to come to California Death Row?

JV 22, I'll be 36 this year.

XZ Godamn Javi.

JV Why do you say that?

XZ Everybody that answered that same question so far, all hit around the 20's feel me?

JV Man, look, it aint no big conspiracy, they know what they are doing, this shit is done on purpose.


XZ Speak on that shit, bring it.

JV They handing out the death penalty like candy to our whole generation, not just us but if you look around, you see what? Uso's, whites, us, Latinos, asians, I mean all of us are coming up here, or I should say, being sent up here physically strong, intelligent and you know how the slave drivers would breed the strong to produce strength?

XZ Yeah,

JV Well now it's backwards, now they are taking the strong out of the community and out of the equasion so they can leave our females outhere with very little, as to be put in a situation to need to sell or give up property that's been passed down through generations to banks and so-called redevelopment projects and shit.

XZ Swear to all Gods we all see the same shit going down everywhere and have you checked out WOD #3?

JV No, I told yall that they on my ass for even having Anthony Rayson's address or anything like that, so I ain't seen not one WOD yet outside of the one we all signed for Dr. Issa at his going away get together, that was issue #1?

XZ Yea, I'm saying that because, you're hitting on points we raising in all of the zines published so far.

JV Shit, it aint no secret that they capturing all of the warrors and commanders out of society so they can relocate muthafuckaz man. They gave us the DP and we aint been eating people and shit, they don't even put us on the same yard with muthafuckaz like that, I don't know why Obama aint just stopped this shit all together.


XZ On a scale of one to ten, how do you rate Obama?

JV What's the lowest?

XZ One

JV Then zero.

XZ Why zero?

JV He done already killed more people than Bush.

XZ I'm a supporter of Obama, teach me why he gets a zero? Is it because you are Muslim?

JV No, hell no, come on, I love seeing a brotha in that position as well, but I gotta call it like I see it, dude is a lying smooth talker.

XZ You're not giving me anything, because all of us are lying smooth talkers. I tell you what, I'm looking for solution based ideas because we all continue to repeat the same complaints year after year. So tell me, if he was here right now, what would you say to him so that when he leaves he can take with him something valuable to reality.

JV Pull the troops and put that money focus right here, why send money to Isreal and other countries when people is starving right here, it's like how can a muthafucka be in dept to China and itself, yes the USA is also in dept to itself, how can that be and still be sending aid to other countries, and lets not forget the infurstucture of this country, the roads and shit aint been touched since Eisenhower. Do you know how many jobs can be created for everybody if they would focus here? He's an absolute embarrasment, not just that but kinds of shit potna aint doing.


XZ Thats inciteful, but take into account that they got a nigga up in there surrounded, also how do anybody re-do over 400 years of foul shit in a 4 to 8 year term?

JV You asked for my opion, so if he was here I would simply tell the brotha to feed his own people, he ironically visited his so-called Irish roots but what about his African roots? I aint seen him drink beer, with nobody in Africa, Compton, Riverside.....

(Both LOL;)

XZ Let me lace you on a portion of reality that most have missed. Just before bra got elected, major business, land and home owners, realistate brokers, and private industry packed up and left America because racism is still alive. That black man is not only on the front line, but he crossed the line when he demanded the rich to break that ass off. The finanial sector is based on land, properties, this country was founded on the colonization of land. People that got in the way was killed, relocated and made slaves. As we speak, he threatens the very foundation that this country was founded upon, so it's no suprise that today people are being killed, relocated and made slaves (the prison population) Obama knows something alot of us fail to address. Everybody thats just talking shit from the outside pose zero threat.

JV He's on the inside pushing the line.

XZ Exactly, imagine the walls Malcom, Garvey, and all of us faced from the outside, we cant even imagine how to face and respond to the backdoor underhanded shit he goes through on a daily because none of them thought he was going to demand that [page break]


the rich break bread and stick to it, nobody has done that.

JV And that's old money, like slavery money being circulated.

XZ Real talk, Obama is saying basically look, we know that our ancestors broke their backs so the rich could have this portion of the hemisphere of this planet, now break a mothafucka back off.

JV I can see that, but you know me, from the street level, we see shit getting worse, not better.

XZ We will agree to disagree, but let's agree that in the history of this country, shit always got worse for somebody in order for it to get better for others. Was Death Row anything like you thought it would be before you got here?

JV Hell no, amazingly, not to besmerch his memory, but I read Blue Raged Black Redemption and it aint nothing like Stanley Tucci Williams was describing in those books. It's the last book I read while in the county jail.

XZ Keep in mind that he was discribing how shit was over a period of time that our generation did not experience, nigga we was kids during all that.

JV It's like, what heppend? Studying was mandatory, and unity and solidarity, what happend? because across the board the only unity I see is what Piankhi and The New Generation is doing with these projects, man I thought I was going to come up here and learn something from these older catz, but, man, I just expected for people to be smarter and more together, I don't know what happend, or if there ever was unity on Death Row, but this shit is sad and embarassing.


XZ What, if anything would you say to the older brothaz incarcerated and also on Death Row.

JV Snap out of it, wake up , we all need y'all and that wannabee big dog shit is so 1980, man, we at 2013 now and, man, real talk, I don't know what to say to these catz because some of them get this energy and ora that make the rest of us not even want to fuck with none of them because I be wanting to chop it up about legal matters, spirituality and stuff that will prepare us for the future, but they just cant have a solid conversation without talking shit about some 1980s shit they got against somebody else, alot of people here hate each other but they act like it's all good over the wire and in passing, but they all talk behind each others back when they getting at us. Two faceted aint even the word.

XZ You know what you sound like right now?

JV What?

XZ The rest of us, they all just need to be put on the same yard together and handle their own shit because these bayblons get their jollies off by knowing how devided we are as a people, some of them is cool, but most have turned unity, brothahood, and solidarity into nothing but a chapter in those war story ass books.

JV That shit is so old, if I read another failure story, man, change the subject, that's some depressing ass.... anyway, next topic please.


XZ Death Penalty on the ballad in the election?

JV Money

XZ For or against stemcell research?

JV For, of course.

XZ If you was asked to participate in colonizing another planet, would you go?

JV Absolutely, it's in man's nature, to leave a legacy and create new beginnings, I'd be on the next thing smokin.

XZ Do you think Michelle Obama could run for president in about 8 years?

JV Yeah, from what I understand, she's the go to in that family, so yeah I can see that, that's a good question because who knows, that may even be a plan coming in the future. Interesting.

XZ If they walked juvenile incarcerated kids up to us right now, what would you say to them?

JV As big as I am I'd probably just start crying and not say nothing so my hope for them not to join this level of suffering would make its own point, man fuck talking, they need to see this shit, not like no scare tactic shit, but more of a human connection thing because aint no humanity in even seeing this shit.

XZ What if anything would you say to our fellow new G'z all over prisons in other states, females as well in case any of them read this line, like speak to all of us toward the new year.


JV Think, read, read, read, read and be action oriented by communicating more with family and friends in outter society because our inner city communities need a breathe of fresh air coming from the true young Gods and Goddesses of our earth. No matter where you are, you are the masters of your own destiny, also, search the history of your genealogy so to provide full knowledge of self, so we can get at the next generation with an appreciation of what our ancestors had to endure for us to even be able to have this very conversation. Somebody survived all that horror so our generation could still exist.

XZ That's some valuable shit you just said, what about your teachers, got something to say to them?

JV My apologies all the way across the board, I was taught way more than to be in a position to end up in this kind of situation, not to excuse the babylon's vices and attacks, I'm just saying, my community laced me well, but at the time, survival mode had my focus on those streets.

XZ Happy New Year, and take me with you when you come into your kindom.

JV Oh, that Golgotha? All this time I was meaning to ask you about where ya'll get that word from to make the connection to the zine, hey man that's pretty rather impressive shit and today you will be with me in paradice.

XZ Chant down Babylon?

JV Fuck'um, straight up!


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kyleproehl Posted 11 years, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
Mr. Smith,

Transcription complete. Thanks much for writing, for reading, for thinking and sharing.


kyleproehl Posted 11 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 2 months ago   Favorite
Mr. Smith,

Best wishes for the holidays and new year.


Kyle Proehl

Floyd Smith Posted 11 years ago.   Favorite
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