Sept. 25, 2012

A Little Encouragement Goes A Long Way

From The Sound Mind by Floyd Smith (author's profile)





I encourage you to remain positive, and to know that you pisitive energy is a source of power. Power is strength, and results most often are the rewards from just simpy staying strong. We all need you.

You are encoraaged to keep writing letters and collecting birthday cards, even when you may have no address to mail them to. Collect and sve them or mail them to a friend or family member as the future is coming. Know that one day, the reflecton of your soul will develop new liefe through the eyes and hearts of your seed.

I encourage you as a parent to not only define love for yourself, but to also allow for your love to develop it's own freedom. When we love at rates expected if us, the probability of disappointment is certain. When you love on your own terms, your children recognize the diversity and well..diversity is special, and being viewed as special by your own seedis not a feeling I'm anle to describe in this writing, this is a feeling I recommend for every parent to experience.

When you are talking with your children, I encurage you to simply "tell-it-like-it-is". Critical information about you should come from you, and not others.

You are not the only peron who is incarcerated, yearning to be able to do so much more for your childrend. We are with you and share a similar mindset wherein parenthood is not an emotion,like love, it is a verb, an "action word". Parenting is something that you do and when you indulge yourselves in writing and forums such as this, no matter where you plant your feet, "you" are the best parent a child can have. The opposte of "you", still has zero indulgence.

I further encouragment you to stay informed, as change happens fast while society evolves. Jail time moives much slower than the time your children experience out in the free world. Read up, look up, get active, and know what's going on in the environment where your children are being raised. On or off-line, the safety and welfare of these young minds are still the very responsibility of the parent regardless where they may be. This is the age of information, so get informed.

I encourage you to "never" utter a negativ word to your children about their other parent. Now I know tha tmight seem impossible for most (lol), that's why I'm staring the obvious. Knock it off! Children suffer when they view division. In fact, I encourage my children to understand that all of this is quite difficult for moms to handle as well. She is still our queen and as long as she has all of us "together", weall get better "together". None of us want to e alone, so we as a family must also let he know that she too, is no alone. My children agreed with that before I had even finished the statement. Kids, understand, "care" and show it for one another.

Lastly, I encourage the new generation. We all need you. Sometimes just displaying simple listening skills can spea volumes. Positve youth development begins with positive development of parents.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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