Nov. 11, 2012

My Life Here At Mule Creek

by Jackie Henderson


Well, here I am again to start page 6 of my life here at Mule Creek...

I think I'm going to grow out my hair for a while. It's been a minute since I had long hair and seeing as how it seems to be rapidly "leaving" I figure if I'm gunna do it I might as well do it now. Right?

Oh I have an idea for a self help group and a correspondence program for at-risk youth. I'll run it by y'all later on. guess that's it for now but I'll get back later...

Ok, it's Thursday but I thought I would let you know how my nite went. I was able to get some art work done (though it was a hand-ache) and I finally heard from Sheryl, that's my homeboy's mom. It's been several weeks since I heard from her and I was worried about her so I'm glad that I heard from her. And I received my scores for the last quiz that I took on my counselling course, I received a 94! Not bad. And on that note I will go to bed...good-nite.

Happy Friday, it is now Friday morning and it's cold...some people don't like the cold but I am not a hot weather guy. I prefer to snuggle up to my baby Terra. Truly she makes me happy. Let's see...oh yeah, there was a code 2 over on "A" yard today. I guess the "Northern Riders" a p.c. prison gang got into a small fight of about 10 or so. And another "queen" locked up off of the yard today. Her name was "Alesha". She found out that her husband was in the hold so she went back to the hold to be with him.

Me and my Cellie were waiting on some $ to come did not :(. Hopefully on Monday. Oh!, I found out that my FINAL exam is this week. So I'm gunna do some cramming this weekend. That's if for now. I guess I'll holla at y'all in the morning...good nite.

Ok, it's not Saturday yet but I wanted to holla at ya'. Me and Terra went out tonite and it was nice! We played some cribbage and just talked and you know what?! I fuckin loved it. I can't wait until we both go home.

It is now Saturday and it's late. I'm only staying up so I can check on the fights...Damn, I lost. Talk to ya tomorrow. O.K. I lost 2$ last nite that sucks but today is a new day. So far this weekend has been O.K.. There has been some drama but nothing that has effected me or Terra. I can't wait until me and Terra can move back into the same cell and it looks as if it might happen in the next 24 days. Woooo-Hooooo I miss living with my baby.

Today I am going to write a couple letters start drafting a couple ideas I| have for some pilot programs here at the prison. And then I plan on doing some art work. I have got to finish my cellie's back, I've been tattooing on him for the last 3 weeks and I still have to do his back. He wants a whole hell of a lot done...we will see. So far his work looks good! I ain't trippin on the back piece 'cause it will bring me an extra $150.00 and in prison that is a lot of money. Well that's it for this morning I think my sister may come up today, not sure but I hope so 'cause we have a lot to talk about. I will close this for now, but I will return this afternoon...


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