Feb. 1, 2013

Chronicles of an American Jackass #2

by Michael Spurlock (author's profile)


Michael Spurlock 1-13-13

"Chronicles of an American Jackass #2"

Perception...my friends is the key to everything. If you were standing on a street corner waiting for the light to change and 10 other people were also standing there beside you, all witnessed a car crash directly in front of you...if asked to give their version of what just happened immediately after the fact...everybody's story would vary, not a lot, but there would be no 2 stories exactly alike because everyone, for any of a million different reasons, will give a tale with a slightly different flavor based on their own personal way of processing the events at hand...

Take a cannibal out of the deepest jungles of...Chicago (ha! ha!) or wherever it is that modern day cannibals live, and drop him in the middle of Times Square at lunch time...
Said cannibal gets hungry and grabs a woman walking by and begins eating her arm...Those around him perceive a raving lunatic that's eating a woman...while he sees a smorgasbord.

Bad analogy? Sure it is but maybe you see the point I was trying to make anyway. I've given a lot of thought into how to proceed with this blog. It's been so long since I originally sent in my info that I can't remember where I came across it to begin with.
Which puts me in a frame of mind that this site would be a good way for law enforcement types to pick the brains of the incarcerated for a better understanding of what exactly it is that they are up against...
...I'll bet that the majority of the people that view this will be probation or parole officers, or maybe someone sponsoring this site is writing a dissertation and this is his/her wellspring of volunteered research.

Who knows...

People give out way too much information about themselves...who carer?

So...I'm not going to bother with explaining what led me down that road, everybody's got a story...and yeah parts of mine are interesting but wouldn't most of it bore you to death?

Not really...I got hundreds of crazy stories, some of which I promise to spill the PG versions of eventually...heavily sanitized of course...Hell, I was an underground tattoo artist in central Indiana for several years so I saw plenty of debauchery over some six year period...

I am presently working up a series of portraits of my nieces & nephews for my sister. When I finally get done with those, I plan to start sending a series of old school gangster mugshots for you guys to check out...It may be a minute though...I'm not in a hurry to do anything...ever, not any more...what's the rush?

I read a lot. All kinds of stuff, spiritual, self-help, true-crime, novels (a lot)...and on the weekends and holidays I watch movie marathons...A lot of mental escapism...it's how I do my time...writing and drawing would constitute my extracurricular activities.

I used to write a lot of letters but when no one at home responds...kinda lets you know where you stand...I miss my kids so bad and neither one of them responds to my letters..frustrating but understandable I guess.

I'll do my best not to complain...I made this bed...and I assume full responsibility for my actions. In #1 I gave up the ghost on why I'm here because I wanted you to get on my side of things...I wasn't bragging, I was giving you a short version of how I perceived those events...as opposed to what the papers said or whoever...

Doin' time in Narkansas is way different from what I'm used to...up north snitches get dealt with...down here...they tell on each other with impunity and nobody does a damn thing about it.

Ninety percent of these guys would never run around in population where I come from...and if they did they'd be doin' it with make-up on.

...Faked asses wannabe gangstas that would shit their pants if they saw a real big city gang...

Chili pimps and ghetto gangstas, no wars against each other...nothin'...
Don't get me wrong, I've seen lots of stabbings but for one of the most dangerous pieced of real estate in Arkansas - I've seen minimum security camps in Indiana that are 10 times more dangerous than this place is.
All prisons have crazy shit jump off from time to time...but that's not the norm...maybe in Hollywood...not in the real world.
Most of the time shit's quiet...drama brings unwanted attention...if you're trying to get away with something wouldn't it be done quietly...

...Makes too much sense don't it,

Next week!



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Goldfish1871 Posted 11 years, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 4 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. Good luck with your nieces and nephew's portraits

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