July 6, 2011

Another Post from John Thompson

by John Thompson (author's profile)


The state's whole case was based on fabricated testimony, and allegations made by the decedent's family and friends. Nevertheless, I was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life without parole (the slow death penalty). However, over the past (3) years I have accumulated irrefutable evidence and obtained official police reports that the A.D.A. withheld from me at the time of my trial which could exonerate me.

The crux of the state's case centered around three of the decedent's family members. One of his sister-in-laws testified that between the hours of 2:30 AM & 3:00 AM, she saw me and some other people breaking the decedent's can windows on the morning of July 9, 1979. However, I have indisputable evidence from the Philadelphia Police Department, which shows that I was in police custody on that date and time...
This statement was subsequently recanted at my post-conviction hearing. Second, the testimony of the decedent's brother-in-law, who testified that he allegedly heard my brother yell "here comes that guy... get the gun. He also testified that he looked out his door, saw the decedent laying on my porch, went inside his house, and when he returned, he allegedly saw my step-father standing over the decedent's body. He testified that he went back inside the house again, and when he came back out this time, he saw a gun on the decedent's chest. But contrary to this testimony his brother later came forward and testified at my post-conviction hearing that it was impossible for his brother to see anything, because his brother was upstairs sleeping at the time of the incident.

Basically, the state used this fabricated testimony to allege that my step-father took the decedent's gun from his car, removed the gun and planted it on the porch. However, during these post-conviction hearings, I discovered that the State withheld evidence and concealed other evidence that would have exonerated me. E.g., there were other witnesses who were friends with the decedent, who concealed their identities because of threats and intimidation from the decedent's family. Even more compelling is the fact that, during these post-conviction hearings I obtained official police files which clearly indicate that (2) guns were found on my porch where the decedent was shot after he kicked in my front door... A 357 Mag. and a .32 Caliber, which was contrary to the trial testimony from the decedent's family and friends, and two police officers who testified that only one gun was on the porch, (357) Magnum, (The gun allegedly planted by my step-father.
The other gun .32 Caliber, was allegedly found around the corner in a trash bin, but contradicted by the official police reports that were withheld by the state. Which clearly states that both of these guns were found on my porch...

Even more compelling is the fact that my family hired an investigator to investigate the second gun... he was able to locate a witness who affirms that the .32 Caliber was definitely on the porch.


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