March 12, 2013

A Voice Lost To The World

by Dustin Kelley (author's profile)


A Voice Lost to the World

I stare out at that side of the fence only through media outlets and my friends and family, It always seems like people are going through it or that it is hard out there, but honestly if life wasn't hard, would we respect it or would we just throw it away.

I would cut off both my legs and my left arm and have to be carried like a backpack just to be out there struggling to make ends meet, and I would enjoy it. I know that it sounds crazy but this place I live now isn't hard and doesn't have any substance. It isn't living, it's just existing. I understand that I can have freedom, because freedom comes from within.

What I really want is opportunity. Success doesn't just happen, I must make it happen from in here. I stare out there and I see all the wasted opportunities... Today I am constantly working at finding opportunities and making success happen for me and my people. The one thing this place I live in does have is hope and I am full of it...

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I also am an inspiring writer I have posted a chapter from a book I am currently working on called LUSTED LIFE STYLE. Please feel free to leave me any feedback or comments.

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GEROLDGORMAN Posted 8 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
Remember that know matter where we are at any given time. We don,t have the freedom we want whether we are incacerated or living in this messed up world outside. If we don,t put god first we will never truly know what freedom is all about.God gives us a future where we did,nt have before. Sin is sin know matter where or how it is committed. We think that some is worse than others but when it comes to going to heaven, no sin will enter into heaven, So those who are in the frame of mind that a little sin don,t matter. I have news for you You ain,t going anywhere but right here with those who have not ask God to forgive them of there past and live for God like it is the last day before he comes. When we have done this then we truly have freedom form all the trials and tribulations of this world. I am incarcerated not behind bars but in this world of trials and tribulations. I also wait for freedom from these things. Here I have a temporary freedom form these things and wait for the permanant freedom that God has promised us. I will pray for us both that God will strenghten us both from the world and the games they play, and that we remain free in our mind with God. God bless you and all who are with you there. Keep up your in of the bargain and God will keep up his end. Love you brother. Truly blessed by God Jerry.

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