April 6, 2013

A Fresh Post...

by Andy Blackmore (author's profile)


A Fresh Post...

Looking for me? I took a small break to handle being on parole. This is an adventure... New life, new town, new friends, lots to learn.

Jee-whiz! Stuff got expensive in my absence. Can't we go blow up IRAN and have cheap gas again so stuff won't cost so dang much?! (I am mostly joking - I think "peace" with Iran is completely possible and worth having.)

Technology is bypassing me. I've had my new phone for 2 months & I still haven't got it figured out. Computers are still easy, but maybe too easy now? I do NOT like cars that are "smart", but I have to admit my dash-navigator is INSANELY useful. I LOVE that my phone holds, like, 2 ZILLION SONGS, but why in God's name do I need a remote-control kitchen appliance? I miss incandescent light bulbs & buy up any I find.

SO WHAT if the Western U.S. is now unofficially "Northern Mexico"?? Who else will mow my lawn, paint my house & clean it too?!? Besides; Los tres anos en collegio son muy bien; yo hablo espanol y es una linguaje muy poderosa y romantica! Gracias Sr. Bishop!

I now live in Vallejo, CA. This town is quirky, fun, scary, deeply important in U.S. history, and most folks here really are friendly. Fuck you, Forbes Magazine! Vallejo ROCKS!

Zebra still makes the F-301 pen. THANK GOD - some things just don't need to be changed.

I have really missed pussy. My neighbor has 3 cats & they are endlessly entertaining. Oh! You thought I meant the OTHER kind of pussy? Yeah, I miss that too, but I'm waiting to find the right woman. I'm 43 now & one-night stands just don't sound fun anymore.

Food is still food, but it's expensive. I am discovering the local cuisine - Vallejo is a melting pot & we have THE best Pinoy restaurants, Indian food and the Mi Pueblo grocery store has produce that will blow your mind.

There are no more bookstores. Amazon, Kindle & Nook destroyed a precious industry. Thank goodness for Eco-Thrift & Super-Thrift... They have mile long book racks.

I don't care what the public thinks, Lance Armstrong... I am keeping my LIVESTRONG bracelet and you're still an idol to me. Oprah can (and will) burn in hell...

Banking, credit, bills are easier to work with but do I REALLY need an app for every moment of my day? Zoiks!

Culture shocked? A bit. Happy as the cat that caught the bird? You bet! Taking applications for a new girlfriend? Heck yeah! Received any? No...

Happy thoughts anyway -



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